Chapter 8

Low Latitude Climates


This chapter focuses on the climates that are found between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn.


wet equatorial     low-latitude       throntree-tall     
climate            rainforest         grass savanna      
intertropical      wet-dry tropical   savanna woodland   
convergence        climate            Sahel              
zone               cT air mass        land degradation   
mE air mass        subtropical        dry tropical       
mT air mass        high-pressure      climate            
monsoon            cell               highland climate   
tradewind coast    raingreen                             


  1. Describe the annual temperature and precipitation patterns for the wet equatorial climate.
  2. What atmospheric circulation factors dominate the wet equatorial climate?
  3. Describe the annual precipitation pattern for the monsoon and trade wind coast climates.
  4. How is the trade wind coast climate different from the monsoon climate?
  5. Describe the annual temperature pattern of the tropical desert climate.
  6. What atmospheric circulation factors dominate the tropical desert climate?
  7. How have plants adapted to the tropical desert environment?
  8. How does climate impact agriculture and animal life on the savanna?
  9. How do temperature and precipitation change as elevation increases?

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