Instructor Benefits:

  • Reliable tools and resources reinforce course goals inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Instructors have the ability to easily identify those students who are falling behind. Media-rich course materials and assessment content are provided, including Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, PowerPoint Slides, Learning Objectives, Solutions Manual, Study Guide, Computerized Test Bank, Pre- and Post-Lecture Quizzes, and more.

Student Benefits:

  • The complete digital textbook saves students up to 60% off the cost of a new printed text.
  • Question assistance is provided, including links to relevant sections in the online digital textbook.
  • Students get immediate feedback and proof of progress, 24/7.
  • Integrated, multi-media resources provide personal study paths and encourage more active learning. A new Chapter 0 focuses on study skills and how to read visuals, giving students a guide on how to better engage with the material and succeed in this course.