Networking Windows NT 4.0: Workstation and Server, 3rd Edition

John D. Ruley, David Methvin, Tom Henderson, Martin Heller

Totally revised and updated, the third edition of the classic guide to networking Windows NT 4.O

Now, the book long regarded as the single best resource for network managers on both the workstation and server versions of Windows NT has been completely revised and updated. This indispensable guide tells you absolutely everything you need to know to plan, build, manage, troubleshoot, expand, and develop NT-based corporate networks with Windows NT 4.0.

If you're a network administrator looking to connect an NT component to a UNIX or NetWare system, someone making that all-important decision between NT Server and NT Workstation, or simply a network manager updating to 4.0, Networking Windows NT 4.0: Workstation and Server is the single resource you need to do it all.

You'll find important information on:

  • Using NT networking; connecting with TCP/IP; and utilizing Internet enterprise and Novell connections
  • Installing and managing NT Server and Workstation
  • Administering and interoperating with TCP/IP
  • Planning and managing NT-based local-area, wide-area, and enterprise wide-area networks
  • All of the updated features of 4.0, including dynamic DNS support, NetWare redirector, remote-access support, universal modem driver, telephony API, and crypto API.

Plus, you'll find an entire chapter devoted to new Internet-related features like IIS (Internet Information Server), 4.0's built-in Web server, and the new peer Web server PPTP, which allows you to use the Internet like a private network.

JOHN D. RULEY is Senior Technology Editor and NT columnist at Windows Magazine, the leading magazine covering Microsoft Windows with over 800,000 readers.

DAVID METHVIN, THOMAS HENDERSON, and MARTIN HELLER are all regular contributors to Windows Magazine.

Table of Contents

  • An Operating System Designed to Connect.
  • Preparing to Connect.
  • Administrative Connections.
  • Using NT Networking Features.
  • Keeping Connected.
  • Connecting to the World with TCP/IP.
  • Internet Connections.
  • Enterprise Connections.
  • Microsoft Connections.
  • Novell Connections: Windows NT and NetWare.
  • Other Connections.
  • Client/Server, Distributed Computing, and the Future of Windows NT.
  • Appendices.
  • Index.

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ISBN 0471175021
688 pages
January, 1997
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