Essential Oracle8iTM Data Warehousing : Designing, Building, and Managing OracleData Warehouses

Gary Dodge, Tim Gorman

"This book is the definitive guide for serious Oracle8i professionals and is required reading for all Oracle data warehousing practitioners."–Shannon Platz, Senior Director, Business Intelligence & Warehouse Global Service Line, Oracle Corporation

A complete hands-on guide to Oracle8i and earlier versions In this updated and expanded edition of their critically acclaimed Oracle8 Data Warehousing, Gary Dodge and Tim Gorman clearly explain everything you’ll need to know to build and manage a large, high-performance data warehouse using Oracle8i. They provide a technical roadmap to the specific Oracle8 or Oracle8i features that are relevant to designing, building, tuning, and administering an Oracle data warehouse.

After a brief review of the basic concepts, you’ll find descriptions of the various hardware platforms to support the Oracle data warehouse. The authors then cover the Oracle features that can enhance a large data warehouse, the design considerations for a warehouse, and the steps necessary to load data into the warehouse. You’ll also find out how to perform parallel operations using Oracle8 and Oracle8i to accomplish massive tasks more quickly. And you’ll discover the specific features and techniques for implementing a distributed architecture.

With this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Design a data warehouse for optimum performance
  • Construct the data warehouse using Oracle8 and Oracle8i database technology
  • Load data into the data warehouse
  • Summarize and aggregate data within a warehouse
  • Administer and monitor a data warehouse for optimum performance
  • Build and manage very large (multiterabyte) data warehouses
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GARY DODGE has served in technical and managerial roles within Oracle Corporation since 1987.
TIM GORMAN is a former technical manager within Oracle Consulting Services and is now a consultant for SageLogix, Inc.
They are both experienced trainers and have taught classes around the world for Oracle Education and other sponsoring organizations. Dodge and Gorman are also the authors of the highly acclaimed Oracle8 Data Warehousing (Wiley).

Table of Contents

  • Data Warehousing.
  • Hardware Architectures for Oracle Data Warehousing.
  • Oracle Server Software Architecture and Features.
  • Designing the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Building the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Populating the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Post-Load Processing in the Data Warehouse.
  • Administering and Monitoring the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Data Warehouse Performance Tuning.
  • Parallel Execution in the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Warehousing with Oracle Parallel Server.
  • Distributing the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Analytical Processing in the Oracle Data Warehouse.
  • Index.

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Published: 9/6/2000

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