Publicity on the Internet was published in 1997 and is currently out of print. The author and publisher are no longer maintaining this Web site. Much of the information here is still valid, but some of the links to third party sites, especially in the Resouce Sections, are broken or re-direct to different, sometimes unrelated sites. We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to visit to find other titles and resources that fit your needs.

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We are pleased to announce that Steve O'Keefe was awarded the Tenagra Award for Internet Marketing Excellence! The nominating committee cited Steve's book, Publicity on the Internet, as "a significant contribution to the online marketing community and the definitve reference in the field of Internet Public Relations." Thank You Tenagra!


~ August 1997 Edition ~

This site was prepared by Steve O'Keefe, founder of Internet Publicity Services, in conjunction with his book Publicity on the Internet. You don't have to buy the book to get access to these terrific resources, but the book will help you use them more effectively.

Recent Changes: Based on our traffic logs, we have decided to eliminate portions of the site. Searching Resources was dropped because they are pretty well known to everyone. Software Resources and Web Page Design Resources were dropped because they don't pertain directly to Internet publicity; better lists are readily available elsewhere. There are several new additions to the Media Contacts section and the Newsgroup Resources sections.

We are in the process of completely overhauling this site. We appreciate your suggestions. Please e-mail them to Steve O'Keefe, If possible, include the name and URL for new sites, and a brief description of why the site would be valuable to a publicist. Thank You!


  • Self-Promotion Resources
    For the do-it-yourself publicist, links to sites where you will find not only general information about online marketing and publicity, but also online tools for promoting yourself, your business and your web site.

  • Paid Promotion Resources
    The hired guns of the information frontier: paid, professional online publicists. Also includes sites that track online advertising opportunities and rates.

  • Registration Resources
    Use these links to get your web site listed in dozens of directories, indexes, catalogs, search engines and online malls. Includes both free and fee-based services.

  • Chat Resources
    A nice set of links to chat software, conferencing software, and popular chat clubs on the World Wide Web to help you plan your world tour.

  • Media Contacts and People Finders
    Links to the e-mail addresses of the media, as well as Internet white pages where you can find the e-mail address of just about anyone.

  • SuperSite Finder Resources
    SuperSites are often the key sites for any particular subject or industry. The links in this section include lists of the top 100 web sites, best of the web lists, and other resources to help you find the SuperSites.

  • Webzine and E-Zine Finder Resources
    Webzines are entertainment sites on the World Wide Web, e-zines are delivered by e-mail. There are webzines and e-zines to suit every imaginable taste. These resources will help you find the best and the rest.

  • Mailing List Resources
    Amazing resources for finding the appropriate mailing lists to post messages on. Also included are mailing list software sites, and other sites that help you understand and use these powerful tools.

  • Newsgroup Resources
    You'll cut down on the number of flames you get if you use these resources to find the best Usenet newsgroups for your announcements.

  • Firefighting Resources
    A collection of links to information filters so that you can track exactly what people are saying about you or your competitors. Also includes links to Internet blacklists and other net abuse discussions.

  • Demographics Resources
    Lies and statistics: we've got them both here in the demographics section. Get the latest guesses on how many people are using the net and what they like to do online.

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