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UNIX Filesystems: Evolution, Design, and Implementation

Steve D. Pate

Hello, and welcome to the home page for my book UNIX Filesystems - Evolution, Design, and Implementation.

Initially, this page is being used to hold the source code for the uxfs filesystem which is described in Chapter 14, Developing a Filesystem for the Linux Kernel. As time goes by, I'll also add corrections and answers to any questions that people may have.

The Linux kernel evolves rapidly and therefore the source in the book will, at some stage, not compile for later versions of Linux. This page will be updated on a regular basis to hold the source code to uxfs for different versions of Linux. The goal is for readers to be able to download the source code, compile and load the filesystem module in a matter of minutes.

Problems compiling?

If you have installed the Linux kernel source but never built a kernel or modified the kernel configuration, you will see the following error when trying to build the uxfs source:

    # make
    Makefile:3: /usr/src/linux-2.4.18-14/.config: No such file or directory make:
    *** No rule to make target `/usr/src/linux-2.4.18-14/.config'. Stop.

As noted, the .config file is missing from the kernel source tree. This can be fixed by simply changing to the source directory (for example /usr/src/linux-2.4.18-14) running make menuconfig, exiting straight away opting the save the config file. This will result in a new .config file being created.

The Source Files

The source files are gzipped, tar archives. Click the appropriate link to download the appropriate source. Note that in some cases, the same source code can be used for multiple Linux releases/kernels.

2.4.18 and Red Hat 8.0

For each version, download, unzip, untar and run make.

Contact for further information

I realize that people will encounter problems at some stage and would welcome feedback on anything that could be added here. Feel free to email me with questions. If anyone compiles the source for a version of Linux not covered here, please email me the changes and I'll add a link.

Best regards,

Steve Pate (spate@veritas.com)


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480 Pages
January, 2003

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