Wes Sonnenreich, Tim Macinta

You need the Web Developer.com Guide to Search Engines if:
  • Your company network has grown too big for manual searches, and you need to install a reliable, high-performance search engine, ASAP

  • You're a Webmaster who wants to set up a search engine which will ensure that only the information you choose will be indexed, while helping to increase your users' chances of finding the results they're looking for.

  • Your livelihood depends on your being able to quickly zero in on specific types of information online, and you know there's got to be a more efficient search strategy than the one you're using.

The Web Developer.com Guide to Search Engines is a complete guide to choosing, obtaining, installing, configuring, supporting, and building the perfect search engine for your Web site, intranet, enterprise network, or Internet needs. Wes Sonnenreich and Tim Macinta critically appraise the leading search engines, explaining who built them, how they work, and the relative advantages and disadvantages of each. And they tell you everything you need to know in order to:

  • Determine your ideal search parameters and create a profile of your site
  • Match your site profile with the best engine for the job
  • Obtain, install, configure, maintain, and get help for each engine
  • Build your own custom search engine, from scratch
On this companion web site, you'll find: Wes Sonnenreich and Tim Macinta are software and Web developers who work with a variety of networking technologies, including communications, multi-user environments, and distance learning applications. Wes's background includes work at a number of MIT laboratories including the MIT Media Lab. Tim, also from MIT, created the world's first Java chat applet during a summer job at DimensionX and has since been recognized as a leading Java expert. Their consulting company, E.N.D.ware, was formed to capitalize on their combined network development expertise.

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ISBN 0-471-24638-7
456 pages
Feb, 1998

Wiley Computer Publishing
Timely. Practical. Reliable.


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