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CGI.pm Distribution

Current version: 2.40

Before you Start

To use CGI.pm you'll need to have access to a Web server that supports CGI scripts and Perl 5.004 or higher. You'll also need a file decompression/dearchiving tool in order to work with the CGI.pm distritution itself. The necessary pieces of software can be found at the following locations:
A Web Server
See the Webcompare site for a listing of the hundreds of freeware and commercial Web servers now available. Particularly recommended is the Apache Web server, a freeware server that is available for both Unix and Windows NT systems.

Perl 5.004
You may download Perl from CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) for Unix systems and for Windows, Macintosh and other systems.

Decompression/archiving tools
Unix systems:
Windows systems:
Macintosh systems:


How to Download the Distribution

There are different distributions for Unix, Windows and Macintosh systems. The contents of each distribution is identical, but the archiving software used to pack each distribution is geared towards the compression system that is most common on each platform. Identify the distribution most appropriate for your system and select the link to download it.

There may be more up-to-date downloads available.
Unix Systems (gzipped tar archive)

Windows/DOS Systems (WinZIP/PKZIP archive)

Macintosh Systems (StuffIt archive)

Uncompressed CGI.pm

How to Unpack the Distribution

On Unix systems, type the following at the command line:
    % zcat CGI.pm.tar.gz | tar xvf - 
On Windows and Macintosh systems, use the graphical interface of the WinZIP or UnStuffIt programs to unpack the distribution.

This will unpack the distribution into a directory named CGI.pm-X.XX, where X.XX is the current version number. Open the file cgi_docs.html contained inside the directory and follow the directions for installing the software.

What to Do Next

Read through the tutorial in Chapter 2 of Lincoln Stein's Guide to CGI.pm. If you like, you can follow along with the example scripts located at this site.

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