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Chapter 1

  • p13: In the sentence reading "This assumes that Perl5 has been installed in such a way that its library directory is in C:\perl5\lib", the directory name should be C:\Perl\lib.

Chapter 2

  • p22: The text states that you should save the plaintext script as "script1.pl" and then run it by typing perl plaintext.pl. This is incorrect. Save the script under the name "plaintext.pl".
  • p22: In the sentence that reads "You should also make sure that the script is world readable (chmod o+w script.pl)..." the command should be chmod o+r script.pl not chmod o+w. The command in the text makes the script world writable, which is a very poor idea.
  • p38: In Table 2.1, in the "Example Out" column, some of the </P> tags are misplaced. The column should read:
    	<P ALIGN="CENTER">Do</P>
    	<P ALIGN="CENTER">camels</P>
    	<P ALIGN="CENTER">sweat?</P>
  • p39: There are a spurious left parentheses before the comma in each line that begins with th. The correct script can be found here.
  • p39: There is inconsistent use of Tr() and TR() in the code example. Either works, but TR() is used elsewhere in the book.
  • The plaintext4.txt script does not correctly star out all four-letter words. Due to a typo, the code stars out all words of four letters or greater. The correct code can be found here.
  • p52: In sample code, second line should be: 24-hour
  • p62: The tip in the middle of the page says: "To turn off automatic escaping, call the function autoEscape() with an argument of 1." This should be "an argument of 0".
  • p74,75: The line numbers are slightly off in respect to the accompanying listing: "lines 17 and 18" -> "lines 19 and 20" "lines 20 to 24" -> "lines 22 to 26" "lines 27 to 34" -> "lines 28 to 35"
  • p75: Line 4, reference to '@PAGE' should be '@PAGES'
  • p76: The text refers to a link in Listing 2.3 called "Start Over" but there is no such link. This will be corrected in the second printing.
  • p78: The last line references "Listing 2.3", should be 2.4 (or drop this line altogether, as the listing immediately follows...)
  • p91: The text calls <*.{jpg,gif}> a "typeglob". In fact this construction is called a "glob", not a "typeglob."

Chapter 3

  • p105: In the TIP that begins "If you plan to run a script from the command line..." change "prompted" to "prompting."
  • p111: The text refers to "ragged right" text. In fact, it should say "right justified" for text aligned using -align=>'RIGHT'. There is also a missing closing quote in the attribute name.
  • p113: In the sentence that reads "The first line of each paragraph is indented 10 points," the text should say "20 points" instead.
  • p164: Listing line 25, missing a closing ')'

Chapter 4

None yet.

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310 pages
April, 1998

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