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Catalyst Immobilization: Methods and Applications




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Catalyst Immobilization: Methods and Applications

Maurizio Benaglia, Alessandra Puglisi

ISBN: 978-3-527-34509-0 January 2020 480 Pages


The use of supported catalysts is one of the most promising tools to develop a sustainable chemistry. This book presents the latest development and includes innovative trends like flow chemistry, reactions in microreactors and others. Indispensable for researchers in the field!
Introduction to Immobilised Catalysts
Catalysts Immobilised onto Silica
Catalysts Immobilised onto Resins
Catalysts Bound to Carbon Nanostructures
Recoverable Catalytic Systems Immobilised onto Magnetic Nanoparticles
Metal Organic Frameworks MOF as Catalysts
Catalysis in Supercritical CO2
Alternative Solvent Systems in Catalysis
Immobilised Chiral Organocatalysts
Catalytic Reactions in Flow Reactors
Membrane Reactors
Metal-Based Packed Bed Reactors
3D Printed Devices for Catalytic Systems
General Overview on Immobilisation Techniques of Enzymes for Biocatalysis
Immobilised Enzymes in Organic Synthesis