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The Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine, An IOC Medical Commission Publication, Volume XVIII, Genetic and Molecular Aspects of Sports Performance




The Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine, An IOC Medical Commission Publication, Volume XVIII, Genetic and Molecular Aspects of Sports Performance

Claude Bouchard (Editor), Eric P. Hoffman (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-34829-3 August 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 424 Pages



This is the latest volume in the IOC Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine series, summarizing the evidence from all relevant sources on the genetic and molecular basis of sports and other human physical performance.

The initial chapters address the basic science of genomics and genetics and the regulation of gene expression.  Additional chapters provide authoritative information on the genetics of complex performance phenotypes, the contributions of small animal research, family and twin studies, and ethnic comparisons.  A final section addresses the issue of the contribution of specific genes and molecular markers as related to endurance, strength and power, and responsiveness to specific conditioning programs. 

This latest volume in the Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine Series from the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee is a must for sports and exercise scientists who require a thorough guide to the most cutting edge science in this expanding field.

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Part 1 The Science of Genomics and Genetics.

1 The Human Genome and Epigenome (john j. mulvihill, klaas j. wierenga and chad m. kerksick).

2 Mitochondrial Medicine in Health and Disease: Interface Between Athletic Performance and Therapeutics (douglas c. wallace).

3 Characterizing the Extent of Human Genetic Variation for Performance-Related Traits (john blangero and jack w. kent jr.).

4 Current Proteome Profiling Methods (yetrib hathout, catherine a. formolo, kristy j. brown and javad nazarian).

5 Bioinformatics and Public Access Resources (yue wang, huai li, david j. miller and jianhua xuan).

6 Search for Genes Influencing Complex Traits (corneliu henegar, henri hooton and karine clément).

Part 2 Evidence from Genetic Epidemiology Studies.

7 Genetic Epidemiology, Physical Activity, and Inactivity (molly s. bray, janet e. fulton, nishan sudheera kalupahana and j. timothy lightfoot).

8 Role of Genetics Factors in Sport Performance: Evidence from Family Studies (louis pérusse).

9 Twin Studies in Sport Performance (gaston p. beunen, maarten w. peeters and robert m. malina).

10 Twin and Family Studies of Training Responses (mark a. sarzynski, tuomo rankinen and claude bouchard).

11 Ethnic Differences in Sport Performance (yannis p. pitsiladis).

12 Selection Experiments in Rodents to Define the Complexity and Diversity of Endurance Capacity (steven l. britton and lauren gerard koch).

Part 3 Contributions of Specific Genes and Markers.

13 Genes and Endurance Performance (bernd wolfarth).

14 Genes and Strength and Power Phenotypes (martine a.i. thomis).

15 Genes and Response to Training (tuomo rankinen, mark a. sarzynski and claude bouchard).

16 Genetic Determinants of Exercise Performance: Evidence from Transgenic and Null Mouse Models (eunhee chung and leslie a. leinwand).

17 The ACE Gene and Performance (james r.a. skipworth, zudin a. puthucheary, jai rawal and hugh e. montgomery).

18 The ACTN3 Gene and Human Performance (daniel g. macarthur and kathryn n. north).

19 Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Variation and Performance (shinya kuno, hirofumi zempo and haruka murakami).

20 Genes, Exercise, and Lipid Metabolism (yohan bossé).

21 Genes, Exercise, and Glucose and Insulin Metabolism (leonidas g. karagounis and john a. hawley).

22 Genes, Exercise, and Cardiovascular Phenotypes (james m. hagberg).

23 Genes, Exercise, and Protein Metabolism (mark a. tarnopolsky).

24 The Regulation of Physical Activity by Genetic Mechanisms: Is There a Drive to Be Active? (nishan sudheera kalupahana, naima moustaid-moussa, jung han kim, brynn h. voy, david bassett, molly s. bray and j. timothy lightfoot).

25 Genes, Exercise, and Psychological Factors (eco j.c. de geus and marleen h.m. de moor).

Part 4 Systems Biology of Exercise and Training.

26 A Primer on Systems Biology, as Applied to Exercise Physiology and Metabolism (james a. timmons and jorn w. helge).

27 Systems Biology Through Time Series Data—A Strength of Muscle Remodeling (monica hubal, zuyi wang and

eric p. hoffman).

28 Proteomics in Exercise Training Research (dustin s. hittel).

29 The Influence of Physical Exercise on Adult Stem Cells (fawzi kadi).

Part 5 Ethical and Societal Implications.

30 Genetics and Ethics in Elite Sport (sigmund loland).

31 Genes and Talent Selection (stephen m. roth).

32 Performance Enhancement by Gene Doping (anna baoutina).

33 Bioethical Concerns in a Culture of Human Enhancement (andy miah).