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An Introduction to Organosulfur Chemistry




An Introduction to Organosulfur Chemistry

R. J. Cremlyn

ISBN: 978-0-470-85962-9 November 2000 262 Pages


Sulfur chemistry is becoming increasingly important as the role of this element is explored in both biological and environmental fields. After the initial chapters have discussed the synthesis, reactivity, and properties of the compounds in general, each of the next nine chapters takes a specific sulfur containing functional group and expands the discussion on synthetic procedures. The final chapter looks at the major uses of organo-sulfur compounds and their impact on biological and environmental areas.
Structure and Bonding in Sulfur and Organosulfur Compounds.

Synthesis of Organosulfur Compounds.

Structure-Chemical Relationships in Organosulfur Compounds.

Thiols, Sulfides and Sulfenic Acids.

Sulfoxides and Sulfones.

Sulfonium and Oxosulfonium Salts, Sulfur Ylides and Sulfenyl Carbanions.

Sulfinic Acids, Sulfonic Acids and Derivatives;

Thiocarbonyl Compounds.

Miscellaneous Organosulfur Compounds.

The Utility of Organosulfur Compounds in Organic Synthesis.

Uses of Organosulfur Compounds.