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The Chemistry of Metal Phenolates


Metal Phenolates open the synthetic chemistry to Phenols and Polyphenols, and are two very important compounds for biological processes such as ageing, signaling and cell repair. All chapters are first published online in Patai’s Chemistry of Functional Groups, and once a volume is completed online, it is published in print format. As expected from this series each volume treats all aspects of functional groups with extensive lists of contributors, author and subject indices.

1. Coordination chemistry of metal phenolates—general aspects 1
Linda H. Doerrer

2. The experimental thermochemistry of metal phenolates 91
Suzanne W. Slayden and Joel F. Liebman

3. Mass spectrometry and gas-phase ion chemistry of metal–phenolate and metal–phenol complexes 131
Sergiu P. Palii, Constantin M. Indricean and Mihail D. Revenco

4. Acid–base and solvation properties of metal phenolates 191
Erick L. Bastos, Fernando H. Bartoloni and Letícia C. P. Gonc¸alves

5. Coordination chemistry and applications of salen, salan and salalen metal complexes 263
Stéphane Bellemin-Laponnaz and Samuel Dagorne

6. Coordination chemistry and applications of phenolic calixarene–metal complexes 311
Yuanzhou Li, Ke-Qing Zhao, Carl Redshaw, Bernat A. Marťınez Ortega, Alane Y. Nunez and Tracy A. Hanna

7. Coordination chemistry and applications of nitrilotris (N-methylenephenoxy)–metal complexes 475
Miriam Mba, Cristiano Zonta and Giulia Licini

8. Molecular capsules based on metal complexes with resorcin[4]arenes and pyrogallol[4]arenes 515
Carol A. Deakyne, Drew A. Fowler and Jerry L. Atwood

9. Redox chemistry and electrochemistry of homoleptic metal phenolates 549
Fabrizia Fabrizi de Biani, Maddalena Corsini and Piero Zanello

10. Phenoxyl radical–metal complexes 593
Yuichi Shimazaki

11. Coordination chemistry of o-semiquinones 669
Cortlandt G. Pierpont and Joseph K. Kelly

12. The chemistry of metal thiophenolates 699
Julia Klingele, Marco H. Klingele and Berthold Kersting

13. Catalysis of organic processes by metal phenolates 755
Maria Elisa da Silva Serra and Dina M. B. Murtinho

14. Metal phenolates as polymerization catalysts 839
Jean-Franc¸ois Carpentier, Evgeny Kirillov and Yann Sarazin

15. Biomimetic metal phenolates 913
Gabriella Tamasi and Renzo Cini

16. Biological and biomedical aspects of metal phenolates 971
Li-June Ming

17. Analytical aspects of metal phenolates 1093
Jacob Zabicky

Author index 1157

Subject index 1269

“In conclusion, anyone who is interested in metal complexes with respect to both structural aspects and catalytic applications will benefit greatly from the contents of The Chemistry of Metal Phenolates.  The book provides an excellent overview of the topic and is definitely of great value and constitutes an excellent addition to the existing Patai Series.”  (Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 1 November 2015)