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The Chemistry of Organoaluminum Compounds




The Chemistry of Organoaluminum Compounds


PATAI's Chemistry of Functional Groups publishes comprehensive reviews on all aspects of specific functional groups. Each volume contains outstanding surveys on theoretical and computational aspects, NMR, MS, other spectroscopic methods and analytical chemistry, structural aspects, thermochemistry, photochemistry, synthetic approaches and strategies, synthetic uses and applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biological, biochemical and environmental aspects. To date, over 140 volumes have been published in the series.
This first volume on organoaluminum compounds in the series complements the recently published volumes on other areas of organometallic synthesis, notably the volumes on organoiron, organolithium, organozinc, organocopper and organomanganese compounds.

1. Structure, bonding, and reactivity of organoaluminum molecular species: a computational perspective 1
Odile Eisenstein and Hélène Gérard

2. Aspects of the chemical energetics of carbon – aluminum bonded species 33
Suzanne W. Slayden and Joel F. Liebman

3. Mass spectrometry of organoaluminum derivatives 71
Rhonda L. Stoddard, Scott Collins, and J. Scott McIndoe

4. The use of 27Al NMR to study aluminum compounds: a survey of the last 25 years 87
Charlotte Martineau, Francis Taulelle, and Mohamed Haouas

5. Electrochemistry of organoaluminum compounds 139
Ivgeni Shterenberg, Michael Salama, Yosef Gofer, and Doron Aurbach

6. The chemistry of alkynylaluminum species 157
Riccardo Piccardi, Laurent Micouin, and Olivier Jackowski

7. The chemistry of bis-aluminated compounds 205
Seijiro Matsubara

8. The chemistry of low-valent organoaluminum species 223
Rudolf J. Wehmschulte

9. Carboalumination reactions 253
Shouquan Huo

10. Hydroalumination of alkenes and alkynes 317
Adriano C. M. Baroni, Carla C. P. Arruda, and Diego B. Carvalho

11. The preparation and cross-coupling reactions of organoaluminum compounds 341
Paul Knochel and Vladimir Malakhov

12. Organoaluminum compounds and Lewis pairs 379
Marcus Layh, Werner Uhl, Ghenwa Bouhadir, and Didier Bourissou

13. Organoaluminum compounds in catalytic enantioselective C−C bond forming reactions 425
Kevin P. McGrath and Amir H. Hoveyda

Subject index 483