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Antarctic Oceanology I

Joseph L. Reid (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66443-8 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 343 Pages



Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Antarctic Research Series, Volume 15.

The Antarctic waters provide one of the extreme sets of characteristics for the world's oceans. Its waters are cold, low in salinity, dense, and high in dissolved oxygen, and, although comparable values may be found in the Norwegian Sea, it is the out-flow from the Antarctic that fills most of the deep ocean basins of the world. The interaction of these high-latitude waters with those having the characteristics of tropical or North Atlantic waters has long been one of the major studies of oceanology, yet only in the last few decades have we been able to begin to collect the appropriate data.

Recent developments, such as the acceptance of the concept of continental drift and sea floor spreading, have made the antarctic regions as important to geologists and geophysicists as to physical oceanographers and biologists.

The Antarctic Research Series
Morton J. Rubin v

Joseph L. Reid vii

Late Neogene Planktonic Zonation, Magnetic Reversals, and Radiometric Dates, Antarctic to the Tropics
Orville L. Bandy, Richard E. Casey, and Ramil C. Wright 1

Ferromanganese Deposits of the South Pacific Ocean, Drake Passage, and Scotia Sea
H. G. Goodell, M. A. Meylan, and B. Grant 27

Distribution of Foraminifera in Sediments of the Scotia Sea Area, Antarctic Waters
Ronald James Echols 93

Oceanography of Antarctic Waters
Arnold L. Gordon 169

Antarctic Polar Front Zone
Arnold L. Gordon 205

The Louisville Ridge—A Possible Extension of the Eltanin Fracture Zone
Dennis E. Hayes and Maurice Ewing 223

Crustal Plates and Sea Floor Spreading in the Southeastern Pacific
Ellen M. Herron 229

Profiler Data from the Macquarie Ridge Area
R. Houtz, J. Ewing, and R. Embley 239

Lithology and Chemistry of Surface Sediments in Subantarctic Regions of the Pacific Ocean
Y. Rammohanroy Nayudu 247

Petrologic Variations within Submarine Basalt Pillows of the South Pacific Ocean
Theodore P. Paster 283

Size-Depth Variation in Cyclammina cancellata Brady, Peru-Chile Trench Area
Fritz Theyer 309

Transoceanic Alkalinity Profiles in the South Pacific
Karl K. Turekian, Peter M. Bower, and J. Woodburn 315

An Examination of the Eltanin Dredged Rocks from the Scotia Sea
N. D. Watkins and R. Self 331