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Antarctic Oceanology II: The Australian-New Zealand Sector

Antarctic Oceanology II: The Australian-New Zealand Sector

Dennis E. Hayes (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66458-2 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 364 Pages



Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Antarctic Research Series, Volume 19.

The organization and production of Antarctic Oceanology II: The Australian-New Zealand Sector were motivated with several considerations in mind. It is obvious that the value of any scientific contribution treating a particular geographical area is greatly enhanced when the individual work is compiled and presented with other contributions that consider the scientific problems of the same area from different approaches. There is no doubt that the potential value of a collective volume far exceeds that of any individual contributions. Thus this geographical approach, which has been successfully used in many books, has also been used in this volume of the Antarctic Research Series. Moreover, the contributions in this volume have benefited from one important and basically different starting point, the research program of the USNS Eltanin. A large portion of marine geologic, marine geophysical, and oceanographic data for this sector of the ocean south of Australia and New Zealand has been collected simultaneously aboard the Eltanin, the antarctic research vessel of the National Science Foundation. Most of the Eltanin cruises spanning the period of the last 2–3 years have been devoted to reconnaissance surveying of this area. The surveys have been multidisciplinary by design, and the ship tracks have been systematically laid out as part of an over-all plan to survey the entire circumpolar ocean surrounding the antarctic continent


The Antarctic Research Series
Morton J. Rubin  vii

Dennis E. Hayes  ix

Section 1: Physical Oceanography

Introduction:Physical Oceanography of the Southeastern Indian Ocean
Arnold L. Gordon, Section Editor 3

Solar Radiation and Sea-Air Interaction South of Australia
John W. Zillman  11

Sound Velocity Structure of the Ocean South of Australia and New Zealand
R. N. Denham and A. C. Kibblewhite 41

Vertical Distribution of Turbidity in the South Indian and South Australian Basins
Stephen Eittreim, Peter M. Bruchhausen, and Maurice Ewing  5l

Waters of the Continental Margin off Adelie Coast, Antarctica
Arnold L. Gordon and Paul Tchernia  59

On the Interaction of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the Macquarie Ridge
Arnold L. Gordon  71

Model of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in the Vicinity of the Macquarie Ridge
Don L. Boyer and John R. Guala  79

Oceanic Circulation South of Australia
J. A. T. Bye  95

Australian-Antarctic Tides
James D. Irish and Frank E. Snodgrass  101

Section 2: Marine Geophysics

Introduction: Marine Geophysics of the Southeastern Indian Ocean
Dennis E. Hayes, Section Editor  119

Morphology of the Southeastern Indian Ocean
Dennis E. Hayes and John R. Conolly  125

Seismic Profiler Data between Antarctica and Australia
Robert E. Houtz and Rudi G. Markl  147

Magnetic Anomalies in the Southeastern Indian Ocean
Jeffrey K. Weisseal and Dennis E. Hayes  165

Marine Magnetic Measurementisn the Southwestern Pacific Ocean and the Identification of New Tectonic Features
D. A. Christoffel and R. K. H. Falconer  197

GeophysicaInl vestigation of the Macquarie Ridge Complex
Dennis E. Hayes and Manik Talwani  211

Macquarie Ridge-New Zealand Alpine Fault Transition
D. A. Christoffel and W. J. M. van der Linden  235

Preliminary Report on Geophysical Studies on Macquarie Island
P. Williamson and M. J. Rubenach  243

Geology of Macquarie Island and Its Relationshipto Oceanic Crust
R. Varne and M. J. Rubenach  251

Section 3: Marine Sediments

Introduction: Marine Sediments of the Southeast Indian Ocean
John R. Conoily, Section Editor  269

Regional Sedimentary Disconformities and Upper Cenozoic Changes in Bottom Water Velocities between Australasia and Antarctica
N. D. Watkins and J.P. Kennett  273

Sedimentary Patterns within a Continent-Mid-Ocean Ridge-Continent Profile: Indian Ocean South of Australia
John R. Conoily and Robert R. Payne  295

Sedimentation Rates and Sediment Chemistry in the South Indian Basin
Martha R. Scott, J. Kenneth Osmond, and J. Kirk Cochran  317

Australasian Microtektitesin Deep-Sea Sediments
Billy P. Glass  335

Turbidite Sedimentation off the Antarctic Continent
Robert R. Payne and John R. Conolly 349