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Lecture Notes: Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2nd Edition




Lecture Notes: Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2nd Edition

Stephen Inns, Anton Emmanuel

ISBN: 978-1-118-72704-1 February 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 288 Pages

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Gastroenterology and Hepatology Lecture Notes is a comprehensive yet easy-to-read overview of luminal gastroenterology and hepatology. Covering the epidemiology, causes, clinical features, investigation, treatment and prognosis of all the main gut and liver conditions, it is ideal for both exam preparation and fact finding.

Key features include:

• A full range of new illustrations, including clinical photographs and scans, that clearly demonstrate signs and symptoms
• Sections on anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and epidemiology – written to enhance understanding of clinical features
• Essential information highlighted throughout the text
• Case-based self-assessment for each chapter helps retention of knowledge and puts it in its clinical context
• A new section of “best answer” MCQs
• New chapters on inflammatory bowel disease and different diagnosis of the upper GI tract
• Includes a companion website at featuring 16 in-depth case studies

Whether learning the basics of the gastrointestinal system, starting a general medical or gastroenterological placement, or looking for a quick-reference overview to revise key concepts,
Gastroenterology and Hepatology Lecture Notes is an ideal resource for medical students, MRCP or FRACP candidates, and junior doctors.

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Part I Clinical Basics

1 Approach to the patient with abdominal pain 3

2 Approach to the patient with liver disease 13

3 Approach to the patient with luminal disease 20

4 Nutrition 34

5 Gastrointestinal infections 46

6 Gastrointestinal investigations 53

Part II Gastrointestinal Emergencies

7 Acute gastrointestinal bleeding 63

8 Acute upper and lower gastrointestinal emergencies 67

9 Acute liver failure 75

10 Pancreatobiliary emergencies 81

Part III Regional Gastroenterology

11 Oral cavity 91

12 Oesophagus 93

13 Stomach and duodenum 101

14 Small intestine 107

15 Small and large bowel disorders 115

16 Colon 128

17 Anorectum 135

18 Pancreatic diseases 141

19 Biliary diseases 149

20 Consequences of chronic liver disease 160

21 Liver transplantation 174

22 Alcoholic liver disease 182

23 Non‐alcoholic fatty liver disease 186

24 Viral hepatitides 190

25 Drug‐induced liver injury 204

26 Autoimmune hepatitis 209

27 Liver tumours and lesions 212

28 Vascular liver diseases 218

29 Pregnancy‐related liver disease 229

30 Hereditary and congenital liver diseases 233

Part IV Study Aids and Revision

Gastrointestinal history check-list 255

Abdominal examination routine 257

Rectal examination routine 259

Common OSCE cases 260

Surgical sieve 261

Part V Self‐Assessment: Answers

Self-assessment: Answers 265

Index 271