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Medicine at a Glance: Core Cases

Patrick Davey (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-33511-8 November 2010 220 Pages


Designed to support the best-selling third edition of Medicine at a Glance (9781405186162), Medicine at a Glance: Core Cases contains over 200 cases with self-assessment exercises and answers to aid understanding and test student knowledge.

Following the structure of the main textbook, each chapter presents a number of clinical cases based on the textbook chapter’s content. This clinical knowledge is tested by a number of multiple choice self-assessment exercises which can then be applied to practical situations on the ward.

Ideal for medical students and junior doctors, Medicine at a Glance: Core Cases:

  • Features over 200 case studies and self-assessment exercises based on the best-selling Medicine at a Glance (9781405186162)
  • Follows the structure of the main textbook - each chapter presents a number of clinical cases based on the textbook chapter’s content
  • Includes free access to the online, interactive version featuring feedback and scoring at
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Preface 6

List of Contributors 7

List of Abbreviations 9

1 Cardiovascular: Cases and Questions 13

Answers 25

2 Respiratory: Cases and Questions 39

Answers 43

3 Gastroenterology: Cases and Questions 47

Answers 59

4 Renal: Cases and Questions 71

Answers 76

5 Endocrinology: Cases and Questions 83

Answers 88

6 Infectious Disease: Cases and Questions 94

Answers 107

7 Haematology: Cases and Questions 120

Answers 130

8 Oncology: Cases and Questions 141

Answers 146

9 Neurology: Cases and Questions 151

Answers 158

10 Ophthalmology: Cases and Questions 168

Answers 172

11 Rheumatology: Cases and Questions 176

Answers 179

12 Dermatology: Cases and Questions 184

Answers 190

13 Other Emergencies: Cases and Questions 196

Answers 206

14 The Acutely Unwell Patient: Cases and Questions 213

Answers 216

“Together, the two books are an easy-to-use presentation of basic medicine.  (Doody’s, 13 July 2012)

"This book is just fantastic." (Times Higher Education Supplement, 24 February 2011)

"All in all these two titles are excellent revision guides for under and post graduate students and can be highly recommended". (Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, 19 December 2010)

Medicine at a Glance Resources Website featuring FREE 'Core Case' sample cases