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The Wiley Blackwell Reader in Practical Theology




The Wiley Blackwell Reader in Practical Theology

Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-40849-9 July 2019 Wiley-Blackwell 424 Pages

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Contains a general introduction to the discipline, featuring classic and pioneering essays that address the history, methods, issues, and exemplary illustrations of research, teaching, and practice 

Presenting a diverse collection of landmark essays, The Wiley-Blackwell Reader in Practical Theology explores the turn-of-the-century renaissance of practical theology as an academic discipline and shows how the discipline has advanced a steady epistemological insurgency in theology throughout the twentieth- and twenty-first century. The text provides scholars, students, and ministerial professionals with easy access to original seminal sources that represent major milestones, growing edges, and useful classificatory rubrics. A handy, one-volume primer to practical theology, the book:

  • Offers an excellent bird’s-eye-view of the discipline’s essential foundational contributions
  • Provides significant introductory overview material helpful in guiding both new and experienced readers to practical theology
  • Includes brief overview introductions before each essay to situate the reading and highlight key contributions and occasional limitations
  • Features essay selections that consider race, gender, sexuality, age, and other differences as a critical subtheme

The Wiley-Blackwell Reader in Practical Theology is an indispensable resource for students, faculty, and professionals in practical theology and colleagues in related cognate disciplines in theological education and religious studies.

Preface and Acknowledgments ix
Bonnie J. Miller‐McLemore

General Introduction 1
Bonnie J. Miller‐McLemore

Part I Twenty‐First Century Practical Theology: Places, Bodies, Know‐How 19

Section I Places 21

1 Bridging Black Theology and Folk Religion (2002) 23
Dale Andrews

2 Mapping Latino/a Practical Theology (2004) 37
Allan Figueroa Deck

3 Immigrant Faith Communities as Interpreters (2008) 55
Faustino M. Cruz

4 My GPS Does Not Work in Puerto Rico (2011) 65
Loida I. Martell

5 Performative Theologies (2014) 79
Carmen Nanko‐Fernandez

Section II Bodies 91

6 Ecclesiology as if Bodies Mattered (2007) 93
Mary McClintock Fulkerson

7 A Hermeneutics of the Knees (2008) 105
Claudio Carvalhaes

8 Desiring Things (2013) 117
Heather Walton

9 The Bodies We Teach By (2014) 127
Mai‐Anh Le Tran

10 Raced Bodies (2016) 141
Phillis Isabella Sheppard

11 Knowing Through Moving (2016) 157
Emmanuel Y. Lartey

Section III Practical Know‐How 169

12 A ChicanaFeminist Epistemology (2002) 171
Nancy Pineda‐Madrid

13 Black Phronesis as Theological Resource (2008) 187
Robert L. Smith, Jr

14 An Intercultural, De‐colonial Epistemic Perspective (2012) 197
Michel Elias Andraos

15 Mis‐Education: A Recurring Theme? (2017) 209
Almeda M. Wright

16 Ventriloquism and Epistemic Violence (2017) 223
Courtney T. Goto

Part II Twentieth‐Century Foreshadowing: Reimaging Theological Knowledge 239

Section I 1950–1980s: New Claims for Knowledge in Practice 241

17 Operation‐Centered Theology (1958) 243
Seward Hiltner

18 Practical Theology within the Theological Disciplines (1972) 257
Karl Rahner

19 The Hermeneutic Circle as Epistemology (1976) 269
Juan Luis Segundo

20 Pastoral Theology as Practical Knowledge (1980) 287
Rodney J. Hunter

21 Practical Theology as Critical Praxis Correlation (1987) 297
Rebecca S. Chopp

Section II The 1990s: Redefining Practice, Reimaging Knowledge 311

22 Reconceiving Practice (1991) 313
Craig Dykstra

23 Phronesis and the Rebirth of Practical Theology (1991) 331
Don S. Browning

24 Learning from Our Sisters in the Trenches (1997) 349
Teresa L. Fry Brown

25 Wisdom and the Fear of Knowing (1997) 363
Mary Elizabeth Mullino Moore

26 Words Made Flesh (1999) 375
Elaine Graham

Index 383