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Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes: Applications to Diffusion and Rheology




Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes: Applications to Diffusion and Rheology

Gerard D. C. Kuiken

ISBN: 978-0-471-94844-5 October 1994 458 Pages


Thermodynamics of irreversible Processes provides a thoroughtreatment of the basic axioms of irreversible systems and dealswith specific applications to diffusion of liquids and matter inflow. This volume will prove to be invaluable reading for anyoneworking in the field of irreversible phenomena. Thermodynamics ofIrreversible Processes, presents :-
* A lucid review of classical thermodynamics
* Rigorous derivations of the fundamental principles ofirreversible thermodynamics
* In-depth studies of multicomponent diffusion, with applicationsto non-ideal systems
* Thorough treatments of relaxation phenomena and linearviscoelasticity
* An essential text for anyone working with irreversiblethermodynamics, rheology and multi-component mixtures
Thermodynamics of irreversible Processes is the first advanced textdealing with the applications of irreversible thermodynamics tomulticomponent diffusion and viscoelasticity. Gerard Kuiken haswritten a book which will appeal to students and researchers inchemistry, chemical technology, polymer and materials science,physics and rheology.
The Continuum View of Matter.

Classical Thermodynamics.

Basic Axioms of the TIP.

Multicomponent Simple Fluids.

Statistical Foundation of the Onsager Casimir Reciprocal Relationsfor Homogeneous Systems.

Multicomponent Diffusion.