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Welcome to the Genome: A User's Guide to the Genetic Past, Present, and Future, 2nd Edition

Robert DeSalle, Michael Yudell, American Museum of Natural History, Mary Jeanne Kreek

Recovery from Mass Extinction: Exceptional Fossils from the Triassic of South China

Shi-xue Hu
Nov 2019
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Handbook of Statistical Genomics, 4th Edition

David J. Balding, Ida Moltke, John Marioni

Rhythms of Insect Evolution: Evidence from the Jurassic and Cretaceous in Northern China

Dong Ren, Chungkun Shih, Taiping Gao, Yongjie Wang, Yunzhi Yao

Genes and Behaviour: Beyond Nature-Nurture

David J. Hosken, John Hunt, Nina Wedell

Evidence-Based Evolutionary Medicine

John S. Torday, Neil W. Blackstone, Virender K. Rehan

Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity

Carina Hoorn, Allison Perrigo, Alexandre Antonelli
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  • of 14 Pages
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