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Perovskite: A Structure of Great Interest to Geophysics and Materials Science

Perovskite: A Structure of Great Interest to Geophysics and Materials Science

Alexandra Navrotsky (Editor), Donald J. Weidner (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66418-6 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 146 Pages



Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 45.

Perovskite, CaTiO3, was discovered and named in 1839 by Gustav Rose, German chemist and mineralogist (1798-1873), the year he was appointed professor at Berlin University. To Rose we owe sanidine (1808), anorthite (1823), and cancrinite (1859) as well. Alexander von Humboldt whom the Tsar of Russia had asked to explore the far reaches of his empire chose Rose as a fellow traveller. Rose's report "Reise nach dem Ural, Altai und dem Kaspischen Meer", was published in Berlin between 1837 and 1842. It is presumably there that Rose first mentioned perovskite.

1. Geophysical and Crystal Chemical Significance of (Mg,Fe)Si03 Perovskite
Q. Williams, E. Knittle, and R. Jeanloz 1

2. Single-Crystal Elastic Moduli of Magnesium Metasilicate Perovskite
A. Yeganeh-Haeri, D. J. Weidner and E. Ito 13

3. Stability Relations of Silicate Perovskite under Subsolidus Conditions
E. Ito 27

4. High-Pressure Structural Study on Perovskite-Type MgSiOr-A Summary
Y. Kudoh, E. Ito, and H. Takeda 33

5. Raman Spectroscopy and Lattice Dynamics of MgSiOr-Perovskite at High Pressure
R. J. Hemley, R. E. Cohen, A. Yeganeh-Haeri, H. K. Mao, D. J. Weidner, and E. Ito 35

6. Defects and Diffusion in MgSi03 Perovskite: A Computer Simulation
A. Wall and G. D. Price 45

7. Electronic Structure and Total Energy Calculations for Oxide Perovskites and Superconductors
R. E. Cohen, L. L. Boyer, M. J. Mehl, W. E. Pickett, and Henry Krakauer 55

8. Thermochemistry of Perovskites
A. Navrotsky 67

9. Mossbauer Spectra of s7Fe in Rare Earth Perovskites: Applications to the Electronic States of
Iron in the Mantle
R. G. Burns 81

10. Structure-Property Relationships in Perovskite Electroceramics
R. E. Newnham 91

11. Defect Equilibria in Perovskite Oxides
D. M. Smyth 99

12. Low Temperature Synthesis of Oxygen Deficient Perovskites
F. B. Wiley and K. R. Poeppelmeier 105

13. Intermediate Compositions in the Series Bi20 3-M20 s Structure Incorporating Elements of
Perovskite and Fluorite
W. Zhou, D. Jefferson, and f. Thomas 113

14. Deformation Mechanisms of Crystals with Perovskite Structure
F.-P. Poirier, S. Beauchesne, and F. Guyot 119

15. Elasticity of SrTi03 Perovskite under High Pressure
M. Fischer, B. Bonello, A. Polian, and J.-M. Leger 125

16. Equation of State and Rheology in Deep Mantle Convection
D. A.Yuen and S. Zhang 131