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1,001 Statistics Practice Problems For Dummies (1-Year Online Subscription)




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1,001 Statistics Practice Problems For Dummies (1-Year Online Subscription)

Consumer Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-84949-1 July 2019


An assortment of practice problems to solidify your understanding of statistics

This powerful online resource offers 1,001 practice problems that will help you get a handle on statistics. You can start with some basic problems focused on mean and median, or you can jump right into distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, correlation, regression, and much more. Every practice problem includes a detailed solution with step-by-step explanations. And by working through each practice problem—categorized as easy, medium, or hard—you can effectively track your performance, see where you need to study, and create customized problem sets to get your skills where they need to be.

Practice problems cover such topics as:

  • Means, medians, and populations
  • Samples, parameters, and percentiles
  • Common statistical distributions
  • Random variables and standard deviation
  • The central limit theorem
  • Confidence intervals
  • Hypothesis testing basics for a single population mean: z- and t-tests
  • Planning and designing surveys
  • Simple linear regression
  • Two-way tables and independence Activate the online test!