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Chemistry of Metalloproteins: Problems and Solutions in Bioinorganic Chemistry




Chemistry of Metalloproteins: Problems and Solutions in Bioinorganic Chemistry

Joseph J. Stephanos, Anthony W. Addison

ISBN: 978-1-118-80152-9 July 2014 448 Pages

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Addresses the full gamut of questions in metalloprotein science

Formatted as a question-and-answer guide, this book examines all major families of metal binding proteins, presenting our most current understanding of their structural, physicochemical, and functional properties. Moreover, it introduces new and emerging medical applications of metalloproteins. Readers will discover both the underlying chemistry and biology of this important area of research in bioinorganic chemistry.

Chemistry of Metalloproteins features a building block approach that enables readers to master the basics and then advance to more sophisticated topics. The book begins with a general introduction to bioinorganic chemistry and metalloproteins. Next, it covers:

  • Alkali and alkaline earth cations
  • Metalloenzymes
  • Copper proteins
  • Iron proteins
  • Vitamin B12
  • Chlorophyll

Chapters are richly illustrated to help readers fully grasp all the chemical concepts that govern the biological action of metalloproteins. In addition, each chapter ends with a list of suggested original research articles and reviews for further investigation of individual topics.

Presenting our most current understanding of metalloproteins, Chemistry of Metalloproteins is recommended for students and researchers in coordination chemistry, biology, and medicine.

Each volume of the Wiley Series in Protein and Peptide Science addresses a specific facet of the field, reviewing the latest findings and presenting a broad range of perspectives. The volumes in this series constitute essential reading for biochemists, biophysicists, molecular biologists, geneticists, cell biologists, and physiologists as well as researchers in drug design and development, proteomics, and molecular medicine with an interest in proteins and peptides.

Preface ix

1 Introduction 1

Proteins: Formation, Structures, and Metalloproteins, 4

References, 28

2 Alkali and Alkaline Earth Cations 31

References, 67

3 Nonredox Metalloenzymes 71

Carboxypeptidases, 75

Carbonic Anhydrase, 84

Alcohol Dehydrogenase, 88

References, 91

4 Copper Proteins 95

Introduction, 95

Electronic Spectra of Copper Ions, 96

ESR Spectra of Copper Ions, 105

Copper Proteins, 117

Plastocyanin, 119

Azurin and Stellacyanin, 127

Superoxide Dismutase, 131

Hemocyanin, 135

Ascorbic Oxidase, 139

References, 142

5 Iron Proteins 147

Introduction, 147

Electronic Spectra of Iron Ions, 148

Mössbauer Spectroscopy of Iron Ions, 155

ESR Spectra of Iron (III), 161

Iron Bioavailability, 166

Siderophores, 171

Iron Storage and Transfer Proteins, 184

Ferritin, 184

Transferrin, 187

Dioxygenase Iron Proteins, 195

Iron–Sulfur Proteins, 207

Rubredoxin, 207

Ferredoxins, 212

2Fe–2S Ferredoxins, 212

4Fe–4S Ferredoxins, 221

Aconitase, 226

Hydroxylases, 229

Hydrogenases, 232

Nitrogenases, 240

Binuclear Iron Proteins, 251

Hemerythrin, 253

Ribotide Reductase, Purple Acid Phosphate, and Methane Monooxygenase, 260

Hemoproteins: Classification and Behavior of Heme in Absence of Globins, 267

Myoglobin and Hemoglobin, 275

Myoglobin, 275

Hemoglobin, 280

Cytochrome C, 298

Electron Transfer in Porphyrins and Metalloporphyrins, 301

Catalases, 311

Peroxidases, 315

Cytochrome P-450, 322

Electronic Spectra of Hemoproteins, 327

ESR Spectra of Hemoproteins, 362

References, 378

6 Vitamin B12 393

References, 405

7 Chlorophyll 407

References, 421

Index 423