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Introduction to Service Engineering

Gavriel Salvendy (Editor), Waldemar Karwowski

ISBN: 978-0-470-38241-7 January 2010 672 Pages


What you need to know to engineer the global service economy.

As customers and service providers create new value through globally interconnected service enterprises, service engineers are finding new opportunities to innovate, design, and manage the service operations and processes of the new service-based economy. Introduction to Service Engineering provides the tools and information a service engineer needs to fulfill this critical new role.

The book introduces engineers as well as students to the fundamentals of the theory and practice of service engineering, covering the characteristics of service enterprises, service design and operations, customer service and service quality, web-based services, and innovations in service systems.

Readers explore such key aspects of service engineering as:

  • The role of service science in developing a smarter planet
  • Service enterprises, including: enterprise value creation, architecture of service organizations, service enterprise modeling, and the application of methods of systems engineering to services
  • Service design, including collaborative e-service systems and the new service development process
  • Service operations and management, including service call centers
  • Service quality, from design operations to customer relations
  • Web-based services and technology in the global e-organization
  • Innovation in service systems from service engineering to integrative solutions, service-oriented architecture solutions, and technology transfer streams

With chapters written by fifty-seven specialists and edited by bestselling authors Gavriel Salvendy and Waldemar Karwowski, Introduction to Service Engineering uses numerous examples, problems, and real-world case studies to help readers master the knowledge and the skills required to succeed in service engineering.

Preface vi

Contributor viii

I Introduction 1

1 Service Science: Toward a Smarter Planet 3
J. Spohrer and P. P. Maglio

2 A Unified Service Theory 31
S. E. Sampson

3 Work in the Service Economy 48
J. Blomberg

II Service Enterprises 71

4 Development of Hybrid Solutions—A Challenge for Organizations in a Competitive Environment 73
K. J. Zink, T. Baudach, and M. Kramp

5 Enterprise Value Creation in the Global Service Economy 100
A. Herman

6 Architecture of Service Organizations 109
M. Cases, D. A. Bodner, and B. Mutnury

7 Service Enterprise Modeling 135
Y. Yih and A. Chaturvedi

8 Applying the Methods of Systems Engineering to Services Engineering 159
M. R. Mott

III Service Design 177

9 Customer-Centered Design of Service Organizations 179
W. Karwowski, G. Salvendy, and T. Ahram

10 Design of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) 207
L.-J. Zhang and F. Bernardini

11 Design of Collaborative e-Service Systems 227
H. S. Ko and S. Y. Nof

12 New Service Development Process 253
K. J. Kim and T. Meiren

13 A Methodology for Designing Services: A Modeling Method, Design Method, CAD Tool, and Their Industrial Applications 268
T. Sakao, E. Sundin, M. Lindahl, and Y. Shimomura

IV Service Operations 295

14 Service Operations and Management 297
S. McLaughlin

15 A Service Perspective of Marketing, Operations, and Value Creation 316
M. A. Akaka, S. L. Vargo, and R. F. Lusch

16 Service Processes 338
P. Lillrank

17 Service Call Centers: Design and Operation 365
R. Feinberg and C. Briggs

V Customer Service and Service Quality 379

18 Lean Service 381
F. Voehl and A. Elshennawy

19 Designing for Service: Creating an Experience Advantage 403
S. Evenson and H. Dubberly

20 Complaint Management 414
B. Stauss and W. Seidel

21 Integrating Service Quality and Human Factors 433
C. Drury

VI Web Services 445

22 Designing Web-Based Services 447
N. Partarakis, C. Doulgeraki, M. Antona, and C. Stephanidis

23 Web Service Technology 488
C. Pautasso

24 The Development of Web-Based Services 502
N. Partarakis, C. Doulgeraki, M. Antona, and C. Stephanidis

25 Global e-Organization 533
N. Dholakia and R. R. Dholakia

VII Innovation in Service Systems 545

26 The Evolution of Service Engineering—Toward the Implementation of Designing Integrative Solutions 547
H. Luczak and G. Gudergan

27 Managing Service Innovation 576
J. Tidd and F. Hull

28 Streamlining the Delivery of Complex SOA Solutions with Global Resources 602
K. Ratakonda, Y.-M. Chee, D. Oppenheim, and F. Bernardini

29 Technology Transfer Streams in Service Industry 621
W. M. Grudzewski and I. K. Hejduk

Index 645