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Management of Labor and Delivery, 2nd Edition




Management of Labor and Delivery, 2nd Edition

George A. Macones (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-32729-6 January 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 568 Pages



The process of labor and delivery has been one of the most perilous activities in human life. The awkward evolutionary compromises giving rise to humans makes birthing potentially life threatening for both mother and child. Despite the development of modern care, labor and delivery continues to be a dangerous process even though the levels of fatality have decreased over the past several decades.

This clinically focused guide to modern labor and delivery care covers low and high-risk situations, the approach of the team in achieving a successful outcome and what to consider when quick decisions have to be made. Aimed at both trainee and practicing obstetrician-gynecologists, this new edition includes practical guidance such as algorithms, protocols, and quick-reference summaries. It is squarely focused on the process of birth and concentrates on modern clinical concerns, blending science with clinical applications.

Contributor List vii

1 Antenatal Preparation for Labor 1
Molly Stout, Jessica C. Garrett, and David M. Stamilio

2 Normal Labor and Delivery 23
Shu Qin Wei, Jun Zhang, Romy, Leigh McMaster, and William D. Fraser

3 Management of Labor and Delivery in Low-Risk Subjects 49
Anthony Shanks and Alison Cahill

4 Induction and Augmentation of Labor 62
Karin A. Fox, Mildred M. Ramirez, and Susan M. Ramin

5 Fetal Monitoring and Assessment 86
Alison Cahill

6 Operative Vaginal Delivery 108
Katherine R. Goetzinger and George A. Macones

7 Cesarean Delivery 130
Methodius G. Tuuli and Molly J. Stout

8 Trial of Labor after Cesarean 147
William Grobman and Emily Miller

9 Malpresentation and Malposition 172
Yvonne W. Cheng and Aaron B. Caughey

10 Multiple Gestations 193
Laura Houston and Roger Newman

11 Obstetrical Emergencies 225
Christina S. Han and Christian M. Pettker

12 Surgical Management of Obstetrical Emergencies 258
Laurie S. Swaim and Gary A. Dildy, III

13 Maternal Disorders Affecting Labor and Delivery 283
Audrey Merriam and Anthony Sciscione

14 Fetal Disorders Affecting Labor and Delivery 348
Audrey Merriam and Anthony Sciscione

15 Labor and Delivery Management of the Obese Gravida 362
Jordan H. Perlow, Megan Jones, and John Ozimek

16 Intrapartum and Postpartum Infections 376
Scott A. Sullivan and Christopher Goodier

17 Obstetric Anesthesia 416
Emily J. Baird, Richard C. Month, and Valerie A. Arkoosh

18 Postpartum Care 469
Audrey Lyndon, Kirsten Wisner, and Kristina J. Hung

19 Development of an Obstetrical Patient Safety Program 510
Christian M. Pettker and Edmund F. Funai