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Essential Sports Medicine



Essential Sports Medicine

Richard Higgins (Editor), Peter Brukner (Editor), Bryan English (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-11438-7 January 2006 Wiley-Blackwell 160 Pages

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Essential Sports Medicine is a brand new core text for medical and physiotherapy students and General Practitioners who want a comprehensive yet concise practical guide to the biomechanics and physiology of sporting injuries and treatment.

The book takes a multi-disciplinary approach and is organised into regional and sports-specific injuries. The book also covers the team physician’s role, acute management, drugs in sport, and rehabilitation techniques. High quality functional anatomical diagrams and photographs are included as well as Key Points boxes to highlight diagnosis and rehabilitation protocol.

The content is completely up-to-date and is aimed at students and GPs interested in this increasingly important and popular subject, rather than specialists in the field. The contributing authors are recognised worldwide experts in their areas.

Essential Sports Medicine is ideal for medical students and physiotherapy students and General Practitioners undertaking further postgraduate training in this area.

Pre-Publication reviews

"I believe there is a great need for a publication such as this, which will dedicate itself entirely to the still rather young and developing area of sports medicine..."
4th year medical student, Glasgow University

"I like it a lot!... The inclusion of chapters on drugs, women, and children, etc. also widens the scope, adding to its appeal"
Final year medical student, Newcastle University

"I am impressed by the aim and scope of the book. The area of education in sports medicine is one which is becoming increasingly important, but at present is poorly served in terms of reference materials"
Derbyshire GP who has just completed the Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Chapter 1 Medical issues and the role of the sports physician.

Chapter 2 Acute care.

Chapter 3 Sport and exercise science.

Chapter 4 Sports injuries of the shoulder.

Chapter 5 Sports injuries to the upper limb, hand and wrist.

Chapter 6 Sports injuries of the pelvis, groin and thigh.

Chapter 7 Sports injuries of the knee and lower leg.

Chapter 8 Sports injuries of the ankle and foot.

Chapter 9 Acute and chronic injuries of the spine and sacro-iliac joint.

Chapter 10 Radiological investigations in sport.

Chapter 11 The athlete’s heart.

Chapter 12 Children and sport.

Chapter 13 Women in sport.

Chapter 14 The veteran athlete.

Chapter 15 Disability sport.

Chapter 16 Sports-specific injuries.


Track and field.



Skiing and snowboarding.

Chapter 17 Drugs in sport.

Chapter 18 Concepts in rehabilitation

Essential textbook for those studying sporting injuries and their treatment

  • Up-to-date content aimed at students rather than specialists
  • Clear and concise biomechanical introduction to sporting injuries and treatment
  • Includes high quality, functional anatomical diagrams
  • Contributing authors who are recognised worldwide as experts in this field
  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Takes both a regional and sports-specific approach to sporting injuries