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Imaging Marine Life: Macrophotography and Microscopy Approaches for Marine Biology



Imaging Marine Life: Macrophotography and Microscopy Approaches for Marine Biology

Emmanuel G. Reynaud (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-67542-5 November 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 280 Pages



Written by an international team of experts from the Tara Oceans Marine Biology Imaging Platform (TAOMI), this is the first and only compendium on marine imaging technologies, and includes all known underwater as well as on-land techniques.
TAOMI is imaging the largest collection of marine organisms in recent history, ranging from viruses to corals, and is duplicated on land to perform high throughput confocal analysis of plankton, X-ray tomography as well as cryo-electron microscopy. This unique platform combines underwater imaging with cytometry, stereomicroscopy, fluorescence microscopy and 3D microscopy - all of which are covered in this practical book, along with remote sensing, MRI, and optical projection tomography.
The definitive resource for every marine biologist who is planning to image marine species, whether underwater or on land.
Under the Eye of Neptune: an Historical Perspective of Marine Creature Imagery (Emmanuel G. Reynaud)
New Solutions in Underwater Imaging and Vision Systems (Gabriel Oliver, Francisco Bonin-Font, Antoni Burguera)
Holographic Microscopy of Marine Organisms (M.H. Jericho, S.K. Jericho, H.J. Kreuzer)
Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy -
Detailed Three-Dimensional Morphological Imaging of Marine Organism (Jan Michels)
Optical Projection Tomography (Emmanuel G. Reynaud, Karl Gaff, Luke McCormac Parker, Dee Lawlor)
Electron Microscopy Techniques for Imaging Marine Phytoplankton (Gustaaf Hallegraeff)
Looking Inside Marine Organisms With MRI and X-ray Tomography (Renaud Boistel, Irene Zanette, Gheylen Daghfous, Timm Weitkamp, Brigitte Gillet, Dominique Adriaens, Max Langer, Peter Cloetens, Lukas Helfen, Alberto Bravin, Françoise Preyrin, Tilo Baumbach, Jean-Michel Dischler, Denis Van Loo, Thomas Braet, Marie Poirier-Quinot)
Imaging Marine Life With a Thin Light-Sheet (Jérémie Capoulade, Malte Wachsmuth, Emmanuel G. Reynaud)
Imaging Marine Life: Modern Imaging Techniques in Marine Biology (Eric Röttinger, Matthias Ormestad, Aldine Amiel)
Automated Image Processing in Marine Biology (Emmanuel G. Reynaud, Robert T. Kelly, Maureen A.Williams, Brian Duffy)

“This is a highly relevant, readable, and useful book that my laboratory is certain to return to over and over.”  (The Quarterly Review of Biology, 1 June 2015)