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Nonprofit Management 101: A Complete and Practical Guide for Leaders and Professionals, 2nd Edition




Nonprofit Management 101: A Complete and Practical Guide for Leaders and Professionals, 2nd Edition

Darian Rodriguez Heyman, Layla Brenner

ISBN: 978-1-119-58545-9 August 2019 576 Pages

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A new edition of the essential guide to nonprofit management

This intensely practical, comprehensive guidebook is for both leaders new to the nonprofit sector looking for a quick primer on all the issues that matter, as well as established veterans looking to understand how all the pieces fit together. Showcasing practical tips and takeaways, this how-to manual and resource guide provides easy to implement solutions for organizations seeking to expand impact and meet mission. Seasoned veterans including Van Jones, Fair Trade founder Paul Rice, Lynne Twist, Kay Sprinkel Grace, Joan Garry, and more share knowledge and useful insights on all aspects of nonprofit management, including:

  • Fundraising from individuals, companies, and foundations
  • Online fundraising, social networking, and effective use of technology
  • Marketing, public relations, and events
  • Board and volunteer engagement
  • Human resources and career planning
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Legal and financial management
  • Leadership and strategic planning

This is essential reading for anyone in the nonprofit sector looking for the latest information in the field.

Van Jones, CNN’s “The Van Jones Show” and Dream Corps

Ami Dar, without Borders

About the Book
Darian Rodriguez Heyman & Laila Brenner

Darian Rodriguez Heyman & Laila Brenner

Part One The Big Picture—What the Field Is All About and Where You Fit In
Darian Rodriguez Heyman & Laila Brenner

Chapter 1 Nonprofits in the United States
Robert Glavin, Glavin Jacobson, Inc. and University of San Francisco, and Marco Tavanti, University of San Francisco

Chapter 2 Taking Charge of Your Nonprofit Sector Career
Shelly Cryer, Consultant, and Kimberly Hendler, Reach For Change

Chapter 3 Building Strong Social Movements
Paul Rice, Fair Trade USA

Part Two Managing Organizations and People
Darian Rodriguez Heyman & Laila Brenner

Chapter 4 Thriving as an Executive Director
Joan Garry, Joan Garry Consulting

Chapter 5 Strategic Planning: Turning a Dream into Reality
Jeanne Bell, Nonprofit Quarterly. Updated for second edition bySteve Zimmerman, Spectrum Nonprofit Services

Chapter 6 Nonprofit Partnerships: Collaboration, Alliances, and Strategic Restructuring
David La Piana and Bob Harrington, La Piana Consulting

Chapter 7 Risk Management and Insurance
Pamela Davis, Nonprofits Insurance Alliance

Chapter 8 Attracting and Hiring Staff: Acquiring the Best Talent
Cassie Scarano, Koya Leadership Partners, and James Weinberg, Fuse Corps

Chapter 9 How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion
Michael Watson, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Part Three Nonprofit Law and Finance
Darian Rodriguez Heyman & Laila Brenner

Chapter 10 Nonprofit Law
Bruce R. Hopkins, Bruce R. Hopkins Law Firm, LLC, and Virginia C. Gross, Polsinelli PC

Chapter 11 Nonprofit Advocacy and Lobbying
Nayantara Mehta, National Employment Law Project; Nancy Chen, Legal Consultant; Marcia Avner, Avner Consulting; and Jeannie Fox, Hamline University

Chapter 12 Nonprofit Financial Management
David Greco, Social Sector Partners

Part Four Nonprofit Technology and It
Darian Rodriguez Heyman & Laila Brenner

Chapter 13 Technology Planning
Amy Sample Ward, NTEN

Chapter 14 The Nonprofit Guide to Web Design
Rachel Clemens and George Weiner,

Chapter 15 Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning Plans
Lovely A. Dhillon, Jodevi

Chapter 16 Constituent Relationship Management
Kevin Bromer & Lori Freeman,

Part Five Fundraising
Darian Rodriguez Heyman & Laila Brenner

Chapter 17 Fundraising: Knowing When to Do What
Andrea McManus, ViTreo Group

Chapter 18 Individual Donor and Major Gift Strategies: The 80% Solution to Fundraising
Kay Sprinkel Grace, Transforming Philanthropy, LLC

Chapter 19 How to Seek a Grant
Tori O’Neal-McElrath, Demos. Updated for second edition by Darian Rodriguez Heyman

Chapter 20 Online Fundraising
Katya Andresen, Network for Good, and Rebecca Ruby Higman, Soyring Consulting. Updated for second edition by Kishshana Palmer, Kishshana, and Co. & Taylor Shanklin, Hacks for Good

Chapter 21 Online Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
Nicci Noble, Noble Services LLC, and Sean Sullivan, Nonprofit Consultant. Updated for second edition by Nicci Noble

Chapter 22 Cause Marketing 101: Moving Beyond Corporate Sponsorships to Strategic Partnerships
Mollye Rhea, For Momentum

Chapter 23 Social Enterprise 101: An Overview of Earned Income Strategies
Rick Aubry, New Foundry Ventures

Part Six Marketing and Communications
Darian Rodriguez Heyman & Laila Brenner

Chapter 24 Nonprofit Marketing: The Why and How of Branding
Jennie Winton and Zach Hochstadt, Mission Minded

Chapter 25 Moving Millennials to Act: Strategies and Tactics for Marketing, Fundraising, and Activism
Derrick Feldman, Millennial Impact Project

Chapter 26 Using Digital Tools to Tell Your Story
Beth Kanter, Zoetica. Updated for second edition by Carie Lewis Carlson, Digital Marketing Consultant

Chapter 27 Crafting an Effective Newsletter Strategy
Kivi Leroux Miller,

Chapter 28 Painless and Effective Event Planning: Let’s Get This Party Started!
Marika Holmgren, Do Good Events

Chapter 29 Public Relations for Nonprofits: Getting Exposure for Your Cause
David Fenton, Fenton

Part Seven Boards and Volunteers
Darian Rodriguez Heyman & Laila Brenner

Chapter 30 Board Governance
Vernetta Walker, Walker & Associates Consulting, and Emily Heard, Nonprofit Consultant. Updated forsecond edition by Darian Rodriguez Heyman

Chapter 31 Getting Your Board to Fundraise
Bob Zimmerman, Zimmerman Lehman. Updated for second edition by Ann Lehman, Zimmerman Lehman

Chapter 32 Volunteer Recruitment
Greg Baldwin, VolunteerMatch

Chapter 33 Volunteer Engagement and Management
Gary Bagley, New York Cares, Natalye Paquin, Points of Light, and Michelle Nunn, CARE USA

Closing Thoughts
Darian Rodriguez Heyman & Laila Brenner

Afterword: We All Have the Capacity to Be Social Prophets
Lynne Twist, Soul of Money Institute and the Pachamama Alliance

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