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A Companion to Social Geography

Vincent J. Del Casino Jr. (Editor), Mary Thomas (Editor), Paul Cloke (Editor), Ruth Panelli (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-18977-4 April 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 568 Pages


This volume traces the complexity of social geography in both its historical and present contexts, whilst challenging readers to reflect critically on the tensions that run through social geographic thought.
  • Organized to provide a new set of conceptual lenses through which social geographies can be discussed
  • Presents an original intervention into the debates about social geography
  • Highlights the importance of social geography within the broader field of geography

List of Illustrations viii

List of Contributors ix

1 Introduction 1
Vincent J. Del Casino Jr., Mary E. Thomas, Paul Cloke, and Ruth Panelli

Part I Ontological Tensions in/of Society and Space 11

Introduction 11
Paul Cloke

2 Difference 17
Sarah de Leeuw, Audrey Kobayashi, and Emilie Cameron

3 Identification 37
Katharine McKinnon

4 Social Natures 55
Katharine Meehan and Jennifer L. Rice

5 Economie$ 72
Geoff Mann

6 Community 91
Marcia England

7 Belonging 108
Caroline Nagel

Part II Thinking and Doing Social Geographies 125

Introduction 125
Vincent J. Del Casino Jr.

8 Knowing/Doing 131
Richard Howitt

9 Framing the Field 146
Joanne Sharp and Lorraine Dowler

10 On the Ground 161
Bettina van Hoven and Louise Meijering

11 Leaving the Field 181
Carolyn Gallaher

12 The Worldly Work of Writing Social Geography 198
Lieba Faier

13 Participatory Praxis and Social Justice 214
mrs c kinpaisby-hill

14 Using Social Geography 235
Sarah Johnsen

Part III Matters and Meaning 251

Introduction 252
Mary E. Thomas

15 Molecular Life 257
Gail Davies

16 Psychic Life 275
Hester Parr and Joyce Davidson

17 Sexual Life 293
Gavin Brown, Kath Browne, and Jason Lim

18 Emotional Life 309
Deborah Thien

19 Affective Life 326
Keith Woodward

20 Embodied Life 346
Isabel Dyck

21 Discursive Life 362
Chris Philo

22 Spiritual Life 385
Julian Holloway

23 Virtual Life 401
Mike Crang

Part IV Power and Politics 417

Introduction 417
Ruth Panelli

24 Geopolitics 421
Nancy Hiemstra and Alison Mountz

25 The Geographies of Marginalization 437
Dan Trudeau and Chris McMorran

26 Care and Caring 454
David Conradson

27 The Challenges of and from Indigenous Geographies 472
Brad Coombes, Nicole Gombay, Jay T. Johnson, and Wendy S. Shaw

28 Transnational Geographies and Human Rights 490
Amy Ross

29 Resistance(s) and Collective Social Action 508
Paul Chatterton and Nik Heynen

Index 526

"Social Geography succeeds in providing useful and accessible supplementary reading for those interested in social geography. Summing Up: Recommended. All academic levels/libraries." (Choice, 1 November 2011)