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A Short History of South-East Asia, 5th Edition

A Short History of South-East Asia, 5th Edition

Peter Church (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-82481-8

Jul 2009

256 pages

AUD $28.95

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The success of the first four editions shows that this book fills a vacuum for readers who wish to learn about the countries of South-East Asia. Recent years have seen a number of important developments all of which are covered here. With the global climate becoming more uncertain and the threat of terrorism spilling over, this book will aid readers' knowledge of this region by addressing its historical past and political future.
Preface ix

Introduction xi

Brunei 1

Cambodia 10

East Timor 32

Indonesia 38

Lao PDR 64

Malaysia 80

Myanmar 106

Philippines 122

Singapore 140

Thailand 156

Vietnam 180

Further Reading 199

Maps 205

About AFG Venture Group 217

About Blake Dawson 218

Index 219