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ABC of Urology, 3rd Edition

Chris Dawson, Janine Nethercliffe

ISBN: 978-1-118-27451-4 February 2012 BMJ Books 88 Pages


The ABC of Urology provides a comprehensive review of current practice in urology and is a structured and practical guide to the diagnosis, treatment and management of the most common urological conditions. This new third edition has been fully revised and expanded with additional chapters and improved coverage of renal and testis cancer, management of haematuria, laparoscopy, trauma and new urological advances.  Prostate, bladder, renal and penile cancers are also covered in detail and new techniques and procedures for safer and effective treatment options are featured.

The ABC of Urology is the ideal reference for general practitioners and general practitioner trainees, junior doctors and practice nurses, medical students and all primary health care professionals working to provide the best possible care for patients with urological conditions.

Contributors, vii

Preface, ix

1 Assessment of the Urological Patient, 1
Deborah Skennerton

2 Guidelines for the Management of Haematuria, 5
Daniel Swallow

3 Bladder Outflow Obstruction, 9
James Allan

4 Urinary Incontinence, 14
Janine M. Nethercliffe

5 Urological Emergencies, 19
William J.G. Finch

6 Subfertility and Male Sexual Dysfunction, 23
Helen Hegarty

7 The Management of Adult Urinary Tract Infection, 27
Richard Cetti and Suzie Venn

8 Prostate Cancer, 31
Simon R.J. Bott and Stephen E.M. Langley

9 Bladder Cancer, 37
Pippa Sangster and Alan Thompson

10 Renal Cancer, 42
Esther McLarty, Jonathan Aning and Simon J. Freeman

11 Testicular Tumours, 46
Jessica Wrigley, Anne Y. Warren and Danish Mazhar

12 Urinary Tract Stone Disease, 51
Farooq A. Khan

13 The Role of Laparoscopy in Urology, 56
Richard Johnston and Nimish Shah

14 Paediatric Urology, 61
Peter Cuckow

15 Urological Trauma, 66
Tamsin Greenwell

16 Penile Cancer and Gender Reassignment, 71
Majid Shabbir and Nim Christopher

Index, 77