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Advances in Bioceramics and Porous Ceramics V, Volume 33, Issue 6

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This issue of the Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings is one of nine issues published based on content presented in January 2012, during the 36th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC). It features papers from two popular symposia held during the ICACC meeting: Next-Generation Bioceramics explores new research into ceramic materials designed to support and enhance the treatment of dental and medical disorders; Porous Ceramics: Novel Developments and Applications examines some of the latest advances and innovations in processing methods and synthesis, and much more. Charts, tables, and illustrations are included throughout this issue.

Preface ix

Introduction xi


Effect of Precursor Solubility on the Mechanical Strength of HAP Block 3
Nurazreena Ahmad, Kanji Tsuru, Melvin L. Munar, Shigeki Matsuya, and Kunio Ishikawa

Carbonate Apatite Formation during the Setting Reaction of Apatite Cement 7
Arief Cahyanto, Kanji Tsuru, and Kunio Ishikawa

In Vitro Evaluation of Silicate and Borate Bioactive Glass Scaffolds Prepared by Robocasting of Organic-Based Suspensions 11
Aylin M. Deliormanl and Mohamed N. Rahaman

Translucent Zirconia-Silica Glass Ceramics for Dental Crowns 21
Wei Xia, Cecilia Persson, Erik Unosson, Ingrid Ajaxon, Johanna Engstrand, Torbjörn Mellgren, and Hakan Engqvist

Using Microfocus X-Ray Computed Tomography to Evaluate Flaws in Ceramic Dental Crowns 29
Y. Zhang and J. C. Hanan

Residual Stress and Phase Transformation in Zirconia Restoration Ceramics 37
M. Allahkarami and J. C. Hanan

Heterogeneous Structure of Hydroxyapatite and In Vitro Degradability 49
Satoshi Hayakawa, Yuki Shirosaki and Akiyoshi Osaka, and Christian Jäger

Aspects of Antibacterial Properties of Nanostructural Calcium Aluminate Based Biomaterials 57
Leif Hermansson

Potential Toxicity of Bioactive Borate Glasses In-Vitro and In-Vivo 65
Steven B. Jung, Delbert E. Day, Roger F. Brown, and Linda F. Bonewald

Fabrication of Carbonate Apatite-PLGA Hybrid Foam Bone Substitute 75Girlie M. Munar, Melvin L. Munar, Kanji Tsuru, Shigeki Matsuya, and Kunio Ishikawa

UV-lrradiation Modifies Chemistry of Anatase Layer Associated with In Vitro Apatite Nucleation 79
Keita Uetsuki, Shinsuke Nakai, Yuki Shirosaki, Satoshi Hayakawa, and Akiyoshi Osaka

Preparation of Magnesium Containing Bioactive Ti02 Ceramic Layer on Titanium by Hydrothermal Treatment 85
Xingling Shi, Masaharu Nakagawa, Lingli Xu, and Alireza Valanezhad

Millimeter-Sized Granules of Brushite and Octacalcium Phosphate from Marble Granules 91
A. Cuneyt Tas

Microstructures and Physical Properties of Biomorphic SiSiC Ceramics Manufactured Via LSI-Technique 105
Steffen Weber, Raouf Jemmali, Dietmar Koch, and Heinz Voggenreiter

Biofluid Flow Simulation of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds with Dendrite Structures 117
Satoko Tasaki, Chiaki Maeda, and Soshu Kirihara


Multifunctional Carbon Bonded Filters for Metal Melt Filtration 125
Christos G. Aneziris, Marcus Emmel, and Anja Stolle

Failure and Stiffness Analysis of Ceramic from a 25-mm Diameter Diesel Particulate Filter 139
Ethan E. Fox, Andrew A. Wereszczak, Michael J. Lance, and Mattison K. Ferber

Development of Porous SiC with Tailorable Properties 153
Prashant Karandikar, Glen Evans, Eric Klier, and Michael Aghajanian

Obtaining Porous Corundum Ceramics by Utilization of Waste Rice Husk—Investigation of Composition, Structure and Thermal Degradation of Rice Husk 163
Irena Markovska, Bogdan Bogdanov, Dimitar Georgiev, and Yancho Hristov

Processing, Microstructure and Properties of Reticulated Vitreous Carbon Foam Manufactured Via the Sponge Replication Technique 175
David Haack and Rudolph Olson III

Air-Atmosphere Sintering of Si3N4-Based Porous and Foamed Ceramics 187
Philip T. J. Gagnon, Amit K. Gandhi, and Kevin P. Plucknett

Comparison of Elastic Moduli of Porous Cordierite by Flexure and Dynamic Test Methods 197
R. J. Stafford, K. B. Golovin, A. Dickinson, T. R. Watkins, A. Shyam, and E. Lara-Curzio

Author Index 205