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Business & Company Law: Open Book Exam Companion


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Business & Company Law: Open Book Exam Companion


ISBN: 978-0-730-34377-6 November 2016 200 Pages

Chapter 1. Business and the law

Chapter 2. The Australian legal system

Chapter 3. Deliberately causing harm

Chapter 4. Carelessly causing harm

Chapter 5. Contract law: formation of the contract

Chapter 6. Contract law: terms of the contract

Chapter 7. Contract law: enforcement of contract

Chapter 8. Contract law: working with agents

Chapter 9. Dealing with consumers

Chapter 10. Business organisations

Chapter 11. Companies and incorporation

Chapter 12. Company constitution

Chapter 13. Membership

Chapter 14. Members remedies

Chapter 15. Corporate governance and company management

Chapter 16. Directors and officers duties A

Chapter 17. Directors and officers duties B

Chapter 18. Receivership and administration

Chapter 19. Insolvency