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Cyberpsychology: The Study of Individuals, Society and Digital Technologies


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Cyberpsychology: The Study of Individuals, Society and Digital Technologies

Monica T. Whitty, Garry Young (Co-Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-97562-6 December 2016 264 Pages


An important new BPS Textbook in Psychology exploring the interactions between individuals, societies, and digital technologies

  • Outlines key theories and empirical research within cyberpsychology and provides critical assessments of this rapidly changing field
  • Identifies areas in need of further research and ways to use digital technologies as a research tool
  • Covers topics such as online identity, online relationships and dating, pornography, children’s use of the internet, cyberbullying, online games and gambling, and deception and online crime
  • Engaging and accessible for students at the undergraduate and graduate level with real life examples, activities, and discussion questions

List of Tables, Figures and Boxes x

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Chapter 2 The ‘Self ’ in Cyberspace 9

Chapter 3 Online Relationships 23

Chapter 4 Online Dating 39

Chapter 5 Online Sexual Activities 51

Chapter 6 Internet Infidelity 62

Chapter 7 Children’s and Teens’ Use of Digital Technologies 73

Chapter 8 Online Education 86

Chapter 9 Leisure and Entertainment 101

Chapter 10 Online Gaming and Gambling 114

Chapter 11 Online Deception 128

Chapter 12 Online Crimes: Scams, Fraud and Illegal Downloads 141

Chapter 13 Online Crimes: Cyberharassment, Hate Crimes and Cyberwarfare 156

Chapter 14 Online Crimes: Child Pornography and Paedophilia 170

Chapter 15 Online Support and Health Care 187

Chapter 16 Concluding Thoughts 200

References 203

Index 240