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Design and Analysis of Heat Sinks

Allan D. Kraus, Avram Bar-Cohen

ISBN: 978-0-471-01755-4 September 1995 424 Pages

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AUD $310.95


A powerful methodology for producing superior thermal performanceat low cost with minimum added mass . . .

Here is the only available comprehensive treatment of the designand analysis of heat sinks. It provides all the theoretical andpractical information necessary to successfully design and/orselect cost-effective heat sinks for electronic equipment. Thepresentation includes detailed explanations of the governing heattransfer phenomena, complete coverage of thermal modeling tools forgeometrically complex fin structures, and extensive discussion onrecognizing thermal optimization opportunities.

Other topics covered include:
* Fundamentals of heat transfer
* Thermal modeling of electronic packages
* Mathematical tools for heat-sink analysis and design
* Prevailing thermal transport processes
* Models for a variety of fin geometries
* Simple "transfer function" relations for single fin, cascadedfin, and fin array heat sinks
* Thermal characterization and optimization of plate-fin heatsinks

Completely self-contained and filled with valuable information notavailable from any other single source, Design and Analysis of HeatSinks is both a superior reference for accomplished thermalspecialists and an excellent textbook for graduate courses inadvanced thermal applications for mechanical engineering students.This book can also serve as a text in thermal science for studentsof electrical engineering.
Linear Transformations.

Elements of the Linear Transformations.

Singular Fins and Spines and Single Elements.

Algorithms for Finned Array Assembly.

Examples of Finned Array Analysis.

Reciprocity and Node Analysis.

A General Array Method.

Convective Optimizations.

Heat Transfer-Parallel Plate Heat Sinks.