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Developments in Strategic Materials and Computational Design III, Volume 33, Issue 10


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Developments in Strategic Materials and Computational Design III, Volume 33, Issue 10

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Exploring the latest findings, new materials, and applications, this issue keeps readers current with some of the most important developments in strategic materials and the computational design of ceramics and composites. It features select contributions from one symposium and three focused sessions that took place in January 2012 during the 36th International Conference and Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC). This issue represents one of nine CESP issues published from the 36th ICACC meeting.

Preface vii

Introduction ix


Metakaolin-Nanosilver as Biocide Agent in Geopolymer 3
Jose S. Moya, Belen Cabal, Jesus Sanz, and Ramon Torrecillas

Parameters That Influence Silica Dissolution in Alkaline Media 13
A. Autef, E. Joussein, G. Gasgnier, and S. Rossignol

Humidity Effects on the Completion of Geopolymerization in Dilute Evaporative Slurries 25
Brayden E. Glad and Waltraud M. Kriven

The Effect of Basalt Chopped Fiber Reinforcement on the Mechanical Properties of Potassium Based Geopolymer 31
Sean S. Musil, Greg Kutyla and W. M. Kriven

Ceramicash: A New Ultra Low Cost Chemically Bonded Ceramic Material 43
Henry A. Colorado and Jenn-Ming Yang

Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics for Stabilization of High-Sodium Containing Waste Streams 55H. A. Colorado, Roopa Ganga, Dileep Singh


Numerical Simulation of the Temperature and Stress Field Evolution Applied to Spark Plasma Sintering 71
J. B. Allen, C. Walters, C. R. Welch, and J. F. Peters

An Integrated Virtual Material Approach for Ceramic Matrix Composites 83
G. Couegnat, W. Ros, T. Haurat, C. Germain, E. Martin, and G.L. Vignoles

A New Anisotropie Constitutive Model for Ceramic Materials Failure 93
S. Falco, C. E. J. Dancer, R. I. Todd, and N. Petrinic

Studies of Gas-Phase Reactivity during Chemical Vapor Deposition of Boron Carbide 105
G. Reinisch, J.-M. Leyssale, S. Patel, G. Chollon, N. Bertrand, C. Descamps, R. Mereau, and G. L. Vignoles

Image-Based 2D Numerical Modeling of Oxide Formation in Self-Healing CMCS 117
V. Drean, G. Perrot, G. Couegnat, M. Ricchiuto, and G. L. Vignoles

Combining X-Ray Diffraction Contrast Tomography and Mesoscale Grain Growth Simulations in Strontium Titanate: An Integrated Approach for the Investigation of Microstructure Evolution 127
Melanie Syha, Michael Bäurer, Wolfgang Rheinheimer, Wolfgang Ludwig, Erik M. Lauridsen, Daniel Weygand, and Peter Gumbsch

Calculation of Growth Stress in Si02 Scales Formed by Oxidation of SiC Fibers 139
R. S. Hay


Effect of Chromium-Doping on the Crystallization and Phase Stability in Anodized Ti02 Nanotubes 151
I. M. Low, H. Albetran, V. De La Prida, P. Manurung, and M. lonescu

Frontiers in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology and Impact on Society 159
J. Narayan


Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Graphitic Foams 185
Kevin Drummond and Khairul Alam

Examination of the Interconnectivity of SiC in a Si:SiC Composite System 193
A. L. Marshall

Author Index 201