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Extraordinary Leadership in Australia and New Zealand: The Five Practices that Create Great Workplaces


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Extraordinary Leadership in Australia and New Zealand: The Five Practices that Create Great Workplaces

James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner, Michael Bunting (With)

ISBN: 978-0-730-31669-5 December 2014 176 Pages


The research-driven guide to the leadership behaviours which create more engaged workplaces and higher performance, Extraordinary Leadership in Australia and New Zealand is a guidebook for what it takes, at any level of an organisation, to bring out the best in people. And full of insights not just from people who are making a difference, but also evidence from their direct reports, colleagues and managers about the impact that The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® has on them and their performance.

Drawing upon empirical data from more than 75,000 people in the Australian and New Zealand workforce, the authors document how The Five Practices are being applied here, and also compares this region with data from 28 other countries. Interviews with more than 100 leaders and their teams provide real examples and practical applications within the grasp of every reader who aspires to make a difference.

Case studies are balanced across gender, function, and industry providing a broad perspective, identifying why leadership matters, and offering keen insights into how you lead others to greatness.

  • Study examples of extraordinary leadership in Australia and New Zealand
  • Discover the behaviours that make great leaders, and why they're so important
  • Examine the research that shows how leadership affects engagement and organisational performance
  • Learn why people need great leadership, and why it motivates them to perform at their best

Leadership must be nurtured. While all leaders are born, great leaders are made! With expectations higher than ever, and resources unprecedentedly scarce, today's leaders face some of the most difficult, complex organisational challenges yet. Extraordinary Leadership in Australia and New Zealand presents a data-driven framework for being an effective leader, with expert guidance toward the actions that you can take to improve the performance of your team and organisation.

Introduction: The Leadership Challenge in Australasia xi

1 Exemplary leadership: creating high engagement and extraordinary results 1

2 Model the Way 19

3 Inspire a Shared Vision 37

4 Challenge the Process 55

5 Enable Others to Act 73

6 Encourage the Heart 91

7 Exemplary Leadership = High Engagement = Great Results 109

Endnotes 121

Acknowledgements 125

About the authors 131

Suggested reading 137

Index 145