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From Me to We: Why Commercial Collaboration Will Future-proof Business, Leaders and Personal Success


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From Me to We: Why Commercial Collaboration Will Future-proof Business, Leaders and Personal Success

Janine Garner

ISBN: 978-0-730-31849-1 October 2014 Wrightbooks 232 Pages


Steel yourself, your career, and your business against future threats with effective collaboration

From Me to We shows business decision makers how the ability to effectively collaborate for mutual commercial benefit is the solution to future-proofing a business. Smashing the myth of the "Me Economy," this insightful guide explains the model of Commercial Collaboration and the mindset and think-space it requires. Expanding upon Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" premise, this book emphasizes the need for continuous professional evolution and effort, and describes why women hold an important role in effecting change. Ideas are illustrated with examples, and backed by sector-specific research and interviews with business leaders who have seen real-world results of effective business collaboration. The Seven ReConnect Principles outline methods of realizing change, providing readers a way forward that will future-proof themselves, their careers, and their businesses.

Collaboration isn't just a soft skill that's nice to have – it's a vital business practice that affects the bottom line. As the way we do business continues to evolve, collaboration is becoming ever more crucial to steeling an organization against the threats of tomorrow. From Me to We is a practical handbook for more robust business strategy.

  • Learn the key principles at the heart of Commercial Collaboration
  • Discover the value of trusting others in business relationships
  • Become authentically invested in the "We" space
  • Gain the tools to open up to a smarter, savvier way of business thinking

Business leaders and entrepreneurs have the complex responsibility of constant strategic thinking. If those finely tuned minds can be brought together for mutual benefit, the possibilities expand and the rewards can be dramatically amplified. From Me to We helps leaders drive better business, armored against future threats.

1 There’s an evolution going on 3

2 Change is opportunity 19

3 Bye-bye beige 41

4 The Me economy 51

5 Commercial collaboration: the principles 63

6 ReConnect Principle 1 — Be brave 83

7 ReConnect Principle 2 — Build a diverse network 105

8 ReConnect Principle 3 — Full disclosure 123

9 ReConnect Principle 4 — Disrupt 139

10 ReConnect Principle 5 — Exchange value 153

11 ReConnect Principle 6 — Think bigger 169

12 ReConnect Principle 7 — Sponsor others 185