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Handbook of MRI Technique, 4th Edition

Catherine Westbrook

ISBN: 978-1-118-66162-8 October 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 392 Pages


Now entering its fourth edition, the market-leading Handbook of MRI Technique has been fully revised and updated to incorporate new technologies and developments essential to good practice. Written specifically for technologists and highly illustrated, it guides the uninitiated through scanning techniques and helps more experienced technologists to improve image quality.

The first part of the book considers the main aspects of theory that relate to scanning and also includes practical tips on gating, equipment use, patient care and safety, and information on contrast media. The second half provides step-by-step instruction for examining each anatomical area, beginning with a basic anatomy section followed by sections on indications, patient positioning, equipment, artefacts and tips on optimizing image quality.

  • Written by an international team of technologists from the United States, United Kingdom and Europe
  • Suitable for users for all types of MRI systems
  • Now includes key points throughout for quick reference
  • Companion website at with self-assessment and image flashcards

Handbook of MRI Technique continues to be the ideal support both for radiographers new to MRI and for regular users looking for information on alternative techniques and suggestions on protocol modifications.

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Contributors vii

Preface x

Acknowledgements xi

About the companion website xii

1 How to use this book 1

Part 1 Theoretical and practical concepts 13

2 Parameters and trade-offs 15

3 Pulse sequences 23

4 Flow phenomena and artefacts 34

5 Gating and respiratory compensation techniques 41

6 Patient care and safety 48

7 Contrast agents 54

Part 2 Examination areas 57

8 Head and neck 59

Brain 62

Temporal lobes 81

Posterior fossa and internal auditory meatus 88

Pituitary fossa 95

Orbits 100

Paranasal sinuses 107

Pharynx 111

Larynx 117

Thyroid and parathyroid glands 121

Salivary glands 125

Temporomandibular joints 128

Vascular imaging 132

9 Spine 138

Cervical spine 141

Thoracic spine 151

Lumbar spine 157

Whole spine imaging 167

10 Chest 172

Lungs and mediastinum 175

Heart and great vessels 184

Thymus 198

Breast 201

Axilla 212

Brachial plexus 215

11 Abdomen 220

Liver and biliary system 223

Kidneys and adrenal glands 231

Pancreas 239

Vascular imaging 246

12 Pelvis 250

Male pelvis 253

Female pelvis 261

Obstetrics 266

13 Upper limb 269

Shoulder 272

Humerus 283

Elbow 287

Forearm 296

Wrist and hand 300

14 Lower limb 311

Hips 314

Femur 323

Knee 327

Tibia and fibula 338

Ankle 343

Foot 351

Vascular imaging 357

Index 365

“From contrast usage possibilities to equipment and common indications for particular imaging choices, this is a solid, detailed reference healthcare collections will find specific and informative.”  (Midwest Book Review, 1 April 2015)

Handbook of MRI Technique Companion website  features self-assessment and image flashcards