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Health and Safety at Work For Dummies, UK Edition


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Health and Safety at Work For Dummies, UK Edition


ISBN: 978-1-119-21093-1 April 2016 432 Pages


Are you complying with health and safety regulations in the workplace?

Making mistakes in many areas of health and safety can be both incredibly dangerous and hugely costly. So what can you do to avoid hazards and expensive, time-consuming legal battles? That's where Health & Safety at Work For Dummies comes in. Cutting through the clutter, it provides you with the practical, must-know information you need to ensure your workplace is a suitably safe environment that complies with government health and safety rules and regulations.

Did you know that in 2014, 1.2 million working people suffered from work-related illnesses, 2,535 mesothelioma deaths occurred due to past asbestos exposure and 133 workers were killed on the job? The list goes on – and the statistics are staggering. Health & Safety at Work For Dummies shows you how to keep your employees safe from becoming another statistic in this frightening data. Arming you with critical information needed to adhere to health and safety regulations, it offers expert guidance on managing and implementing health and safety in your business, controlling workplace risks, going the extra mile in following orders and much more.

  • Offers an easy-to-follow overview for getting started with health and safety
  • Provides tips and advice for planning your health and safety management
  • Includes guidance on monitoring and reviewing your health and safety systems
  • Clearly demonstrates how to organize and motivate your workforce to comply with rules and regulations

You can't afford to run a business that doesn't provide a safe work environment. Be smart, safe and proactive with the help of this essential guide.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Health and Safety at Work 5

Chapter 1: Making Sense of Health and Safety in the Workplace 7

Chapter 2: Setting Your Health and Safety Policy 23

Chapter 3: Engaging Your Workforce with Health and Safety 47

Chapter 4: Assessing Health and Safety Risks in the Workplace 69

Chapter 5: Getting Your House in Order 89

Part II: Managing and Implementing Health and Safety in Your Business 107

Chapter 6: Moving to a Recognised Safety Management System 109

Chapter 7: Developing Safe Systems and Procedures 121

Chapter 8: Monitoring and Reviewing Health and Safety in the Workplace 135

Part III: Controlling Workplace Risks 159

Chapter 9: Tackling Behaviour‐Based Issues: Workplace Woes 161

Chapter 10: Harnessing Gravity and Managing Workplace Transport 177

Chapter 11: Unpacking Manual Handling and Other Ergonomic Risks 197

Chapter 12: Working Safely with Machinery 215

Chapter 13: Shocking Truths: Electrical Safety 233

Chapter 14: Fanning the Flames: Fire Risk 251

Chapter 15: Getting the Chemistry Right: Controlling Hazardous Substances 271

Chapter 16: Making Waves: Tackling Noise, Vibration and Radiation 291

Part IV: Going the Extra Mile 309

Chapter 17: Wrestling with Health and Safety Law 311

Chapter 18: Developing a Positive Safety Culture: Factoring in

Human Behaviour 331

Chapter 19: Cracking Process Safety 349

Part V: The Part of Tens 363

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Get Risk Assessment Wrong 365

Chapter 21: Ten Neat Tools to Help You Assess Risks and Choose Controls 375

Chapter 22: Ten Great Health and Safety Websites 385

Index 391