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How to Speak Human: A Practical Guide to Getting the Best from the Humans You Work With


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How to Speak Human: A Practical Guide to Getting the Best from the Humans You Work With

Dougal Jackson, Jennifer Jackson

ISBN: 978-0-730-35954-8 August 2018 224 Pages


The workplaces of today are vastly different from only a decade ago.

We’re in the age of employee experience now, friends.

Yet despite the arrival of a new era heralding a shift in relationships and expectations, many organisations have failed to evolve. The result? Leaders have been left asking how to gain attention, engage and influence the people they work with. What they’re really asking, though, is how to speak human.

How to Speak Human takes a practical approach to dealing with the communication challenges faced by today’s workplaces. Although speaking human should come as naturally as nudity in nature — somehow it doesn’t. Somewhere along the way, amidst the busyness, the business, the technology and the professionalism, it became harder to connect with the people around us. Harder to speak human, to get attention, to influence, to engage. We’re up against a constantly changing and complex business landscape, the competition for talented people, a workforce comprising five very different generations and the looming spectre of artificial intelligence.

This comprehensive how-to hurtles headlong and enthusiastically into the fascinations of science and theories of human-centred communication. It draws on over a decade of award-winning work with savvy leaders from organisations around the world to share 11 strategies and 23 practical ideas for application, illustrated by real world stories.

  • Use the science of connection to create compelling communication
  • Discover how to translate mind-numbing complexity into captivating simplicity
  • Learn the shortcuts to hijacking attention, engaging and influencing others

Gone are the days of stiff, impersonal workplaces painted various shades of beige. Here and ahead lies a profound shift towards human, a fast-approaching future where people are celebrated. Not just customers or shareholders, but the vast majority of folk inside our organisations — the people who keep things moving.

Whether you're at the helm of a global organisation; a leader in a business looking to stay relevant; or a member of a small team, hungry to advance — this is a how-to for forward thinkers like you.

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Surprise! The unanticipated delight of the unexpected 27

Visual The sensory superiority of visual 41

Beware … The insidious fog of habituation 57

Narratives The titillations of a well-told tale 65

Emotions The paradoxical logic of getting emotional 77

Humour The serious business of being funny 87

Caution … The complication of complexity 95

Words The power of using and choosing words wisely 107

Names The undeniable sweetness of a well-chosen name 117

Language The power of language to shift perception 127

Modes The perks of matching the mode to the message 149

Beware … The excuses for mediocrity 167

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