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Managing Tudor and Stuart Parliaments: Essays in Memory of Michael Graves


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Managing Tudor and Stuart Parliaments: Essays in Memory of Michael Graves

Chris R. Kyle (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-08195-1 March 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 200 Pages

Out of stock
AUD $43.95


Bringing together essays from nine established parliamentary scholars, the volume offers new insights and reflections on the management and importance of Parliaments for the effective and smooth running of the state during the Tudor and early Stuart period.

  • Nine parliamentary scholars pay tribute to the esteemed scholarship of Michael Graves, using his work as a springboard for continued discussion of the management of Parliaments throughout the Tudor and early Stuart period
  • Examines how sermons, state openings, patrons, procedure, foreign policy and individuals were all deployed to better manage Parliaments throughout the period
  • Offers original views and considerations on the management of, and the importance of, Parliaments during this time
  • Edited under the expert guidance of esteemed Parliamentary and History scholar, Chris R. Kyle
Notes on Contributors

1. Introduction
Chris R. Kyle

2. Anticlericalism and the Early Tudor Parliament
P.R. Cavill

3. Staging the Settlement: Shekhar Kapur and the Parliament of 1559
David Dean

4. William Cecil, Lord Burghley, and Managing with the Men-of-Business
Norman Jones

5. Foreign Policy and the Parliament of 1576
Glyn Parry

6. The Earl of Essex and Elizabethan Parliaments
Paul E.J. Hammer

7. The Development of Parliamentary Privilege, 1604–29
Paul M. Hunneyball

8. ‘Wrangling Lawyers’: Proclamations and the Management of the English Parliament of 1621
Chris R. Kyle

9. Preaching and English Parliaments in the 1620s
Lori Anne Ferrell

10. The Street Theatre of State: The Ceremonial Opening of Parliament, 1603–60
Jason Peacey