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Meaningful Scents Around the World: Olfactory, Chemical, Biological, and Cultural Considerations

Meaningful Scents Around the World: Olfactory, Chemical, Biological, and Cultural Considerations

ISBN: 978-3-906-39037-6

Aug 2006

304 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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In recent years, our knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of olfaction has grown enormously, accompanied by a growing appreciation of scent. This is reflected in the fact that the 2004 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for discoveries of 'Odorant Receptors and the Organization of the Olfactory System'. This book naturally supports such developments, and takes the reader on a fascinating fragrant journey around the world to some of the exciting places the author has visited during his 30 years of olfactory research. Following an introductory section to the world of natural scents, including their biological meaning and history, the fragrance and flavor chemist, Roman Kaiser, who is renowned for his 'headspace' analytical technique, revisits some memorable scents. In doing so, he leads us to such exotic places as Lower Amazonia, Papua New Guinea, India, and many rain-forest biotopes in his quest for new molecules and new scent concepts, showing us along the way how a scent like tatami can be linked to culture. The third and final section describes the analysis of the compositions of the presented scents.
"…Kaiser is a fine writer with a deep mind, and his ability to put us in touch with distant locations…present the unique opportunity for us to see how scent helps to refine (and define) a given culture." (Electric Review, February/March 2007)

"The layout, printing, and photographs are all excellent, and the quality of the cover and sewn bindings gives it a sense of luxury, thereby making it a volume to be read and handled with respect as well as pleasure. The beautiful photographs and plethora of fascinating information would make the book irresistible to the layman, yet at the same time the technical detail will hold the chemist's attention. I can imagine the book lying on a coffee table to lure nonspecialists into opening it, sampling the richness of the content, and being drawn to an appreciation of the wonders of natural products chemistry. For the specialist, it is an invaluable source of information and inspiration." (Angewandte Chemie IE)

"This is a fascinating and enlightening book about the chemistry of flower scents and other natural materials…" (Chemistry & Industry, 30th July 2007)

"This is a highly entertaining and well produced book that brought me a lot of pleasure and interest." (Chromatographia, August 2007)