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Off-Premise Catering Management, 3rd Edition

Chris Thomas, Bill Hansen

ISBN: 978-1-118-54878-3 December 2012 560 Pages


The most complete, up-to-date guide available to starting and running an off-premise catering business

For nearly two decades, Off-Premise Catering Management has been the trusted resource professional and aspiring caterers turn to for guidance on setting up and managing a successful off-premise catering business. This comprehensive reference covers every aspect of the caterer's job, from menu planning, pricing, food and beverage service, equipment, and packing, delivery, and set-up logistics, to legal considerations, financial management, human resources, marketing, sanitation and safety, and more. This new third edition has been completely revised and updated to include the latest industry trends and real-life examples.

  • New content includes information on "green" catering, contemporary food trends, website development, social media marketing, the latest in commercial kitchen equipment and budgeting and accounting software, and much more
  • Throughout the book, sample forms, schedules, and checklists illustrate real-world examples of key catering practices, and Study Questions at the end of each chapter help reinforce key concepts

Whether you are just starting out, growing your operation, or working to maintain standards of excellence in an already-successful off-premise catering business, Off-Premise Catering Management, Third Edition is the only guide you'll need.

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Chapter 1. Introduction to Off-Premise Catering Management

Chapter 2. Getting Started: Laws, Locations, and Contracts

Chapter 3. Menu Planning

Chapter 4. Beverage Service

Chapter 5. Catering Equipment

Chapter 6. Logistics for Off-Premise Catering

Chapter 7. Human Resources

Chapter 8. The Show

Chapter 9. Marketing

Chapter 10. Pricing Off-Premise Catered Events

Chapter 11. Purchasing, Receiving, and Storing Foods

Chapter 12. Sanitation and Safety

Chapter 13. Accessory Services and Special Themes

Chapter 14. Budgeting, Accounting, and Financial Management


  • New content includes information on website development, social media marketing, the latest in commercial kitchen equipment, and budgeting and accounting software
  • Information on “green” catering and contemporary food trends
  • New chapter on beverage service that includes off-premise bar set-up, contemporary cocktail ingredients, and guidance on selecting beers and wines for events
  • Applications oriented — include many useful forms and checklists throughout the planning and execution stages of the event.
  • Extended coverage of marketing off-premise catering businesses
  • Time-management tips
  • Helpful staff recruiting and training ideas
  • Creative ways to find unique and exciting catering venues