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Optical Engineering of Diamond

Rich Mildren (Editor), James Rabeau (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-41102-3 April 2013 446 Pages

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AUD $292.95


This is the first comprehensive book on the engineering of diamond optical devices. Written by 39 experts in the field, it gives readers an up-to-date review of the properties of optical quality synthetic diamond (single crystal and nanodiamond) and the nascent field of diamond optical device engineering. Application areas covered in detail in this book include quantum information processing, high performance lasers and light sources, and bioimaging. It provides scientists, engineers and physicists with a valuable and practical resource for the design and development of diamond-based optical devices.
1. Intrinsic Optical Properties of Diamond
2. Optical Quality Diamond Grown by Chemical Vapour Deposition
3. Polishing and Shaping of Mono-Crystalline Diamond
4. Refractive and Diffractive Diamond Optics
5. Nitrogen-Vacancy Colour Centres in Diamond: Properties, Synthesis and Applications
6. n-Type Diamond Growth and Homoepitaxial Diamond Junction Devices
7. Surface Doping of Diamond and Induced Optical Effects
8. Diamond Raman Laser Design and Performance
9. Quantum Optical Diamond Technologies
10.Diamond-based Optical Waveguides, Cavities and Other Microstructures
11.Thermal Management of Lasers and LEDs using Diamond
12.Laser in Synthesis, Micro and Nanoprocessing of Diamond Materials
13. Fluorescent Nanodiamonds and their Prospects in Bioimaging