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Property for Life: Using Property to Plan Your Financial Future


AUD $29.95

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Property for Life: Using Property to Plan Your Financial Future

Mark Armstrong, David Johnston, Fiona Marsden (With)

ISBN: 978-0-731-40755-2 July 2008 Wrightbooks 208 Pages


Property for Life is an essential guide to the property and finance decisions that Australian homebuyers and investors face throughout the various ages and stages of their lives. Property for Life is the story of Jim and Jane and their property decisions. The book follows them as they buy their first property, have a family, upgrade to a new home, buy an investment property, downsize to a lower maintenance home when their children leave the nest and finally use property as a source of income in their retirement years.

As Jim and Jane reach the various property milestones in their lives, the investing principles and general property and financial options available and the pros and cons of these are covered.

Issues covered include:

  • saving for a deposit
  • securing a mortgage
  • mortgage insurance
  • researching the market
  • scouting the market
  • negotiating the purchase
  • preparing your home for sale
  • developing an investment strategy
  • reducing debt
  • tax effective investment
  • asset protection
  • maximising cashflow
  • planning for retirement
  • dealing with life changes eg having children, working for yourself

Through Jim and Jane's story, Property for Life brings a human dimension to property investing that other books lack. Regardless of whether you are part of a couple, or what age and stage you are at in your life, all readers will be able to identify with Jim and Jane's situation and draw knowledge for their own property investing journey.

About the authors vii

Introduction ix

1 Getting a foot in the door 1

2 Hitting the market 21

3 Taking the next step 43

4 Moving on up 59

5 Managing your fi nances through life’s changes 79

6 Time to invest 93

7 Selecting a high-growth asset 115

8 Consolidation and review 137

9 Selecting an income-driven asset 155

10 Fulfi lling the dream 173

Index 183