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River Management: The Australasian Experience


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River Management: The Australasian Experience

Sandra Brizga (Editor), Brian L. Finlayson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-96976-1 January 2000 310 Pages


Only in Australasia can the effect of technological societies onriver systems be truly analysed and this unique, accessible bookcovers key issues in river management from a geomorphologicalperspective.

Australia and New Zealand were colonised only 200 years ago bycentral bureaucratic administrations. For the whole period ofEuropean settlement most river management activities have beencarried out by government agencies and the record of theiractivities is relatively complete. These countries thereforeprovide good case studies for the impact of technological societieson river systems, having transformed their rivers in a short timefrom their 'natural' into a heavily managed condition.

Geomorphology provides the scientific basis for much of ourunderstanding of river behaviour and geomorphologists are nowactively involved in the management process. This book provides acollection of case studies, the first to be produced to date, whichdescribe the management of rivers covering issues of environmentalflow, stream condition, mining and extractive activities, riverchannel change, river stabilisation, river regulation and urbanstreams.

The book will prove invaluable to geomorphologists, riverengineers, stream ecologists, river managers, and environmentalimpact assessors involved in river management and restoration.
Introduction (B. Finlayson S. Brizga).

Some Human Impacts on Australian Stream Channel Morphology (I.Rutherfurd).

Channel Planform Adjustments Along the Waiau River 1946-1992:Assessment of the Impacts of Flow Regulation (G. Brierley K.Fitchett).

The Hydrological and Geomorphological Impacts of the Tinaroo FallsDam on the Barron River, North Queensland, Australia (B. Yu).

Managing Regulated Rivers for Environmental Values: Selected CaseStudies from Southeastern Australia (C. Gippel).

Geomorphic Effects of Extractive Industries and Their Implicationsfor River Management: The Case of the Hawkesbury-Nepean River, NewSouth Wales (W. Erskine D. Green).

The Impact of Mining Waste on the Rivers Draining into Georges Bay,Northeast Tasmania (J. Bird).

The Role of Stormwater Management in Sydney's Urban Rivers (R.Warner).

The Dispersal and Storage of Trace Metals in the Hawkesbury RiverValley (M. Thoms, et al.).

The Role of European Disturbance in the Metamorphosis of the LowerBega River (A. Brooks G. Brierley).

The Management of Unstable Rivers: The Avon River, Victoria,Australia (S. Brizga B. Finlayson).

Measuring Stream Condition (A. Ladson L. White).

Conclusions: Future Directions (S. Brizga B. Finlayson).