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Scandinavian Journal of Psychology

Scandinavian Journal of Psychology

Edited By:Jerker R�nnberg

Vol 59(6 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 0036-5564 Online ISSN: 1467-9450 Impact Factor: 1.331


The Scandinavian Journal of Psychology (SJoP) is published in association with the Nordic Psychological Associations and is an international journal, available globally and welcoming submissions from around the world. SJoP publishes six issues per annum. The journal publishes high-quality manuscripts covering most areas of psychology and the interface of psychology with other areas such as behavioral sciences. Sought are submissions covering experimental, applied and clinical psychology with implications for psychological theory, research, and practice. Submission to SJoP generally should present major theoretical or methodological advancements to an international audience. However, well-conducted and high quality replication studies as well as papers reporting null findings are welcomed. A high rejection rate and blind peer review process ensure that the journal's contents are of consistently high quality and SJoP’s highly efficient, professional Editorial Office provides a fast turnaround for authors submitting to the journal. Interdisciplinary in nature, SJoP is widely read by professional psychologists, academics and students worldwide.

The Scandinavian Journal of Psychology is organized into four standing subsections:

  • Cognition and Neurosciences
    Papers in this section are concerned with any area within cognitive and clinical neuroscience. The section welcomes papers on a wide range of topics, from basic cognition to clinical neuropsychology.
  • Development and Aging
    This section deals with all aspects of psychological development, normal or abnormal. Papers published in this section address any part of the life span from infancy to old age. Of interest are empirical and theoretical contributions and clinical reviews on the roles of biological, social and cultural factors in development.
  • Personality and Social Psychology
    This section publishes original papers in all areas of personality and social psychology. Topics include personality processes and individual differences, social cognition and attitudes, social interaction and group processes.
  • Health and Disability
    Papers in this section reflect research in the psychology of health and disability. A wide range of topics is welcome, focusing on psychological factors in the causes, development and consequences of health, disease and disability.

For further information regarding the four subsections, please read the editorial from Volume 45, Issue 2.