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Smart Work: Centralise, Organise, Realise

Dermot Crowley

ISBN: 978-0-730-32436-2 November 2015 192 Pages


Organise your way to renewed focus and calm

Smart Work is the busy professional's guide to getting organised in the digital workplace. Are you drowning in constant emails, phone calls, paperwork, interruptions and meeting actions? This book throws you a lifeline by showing you how to take advantage of your digital tools to reprioritise, refocus and get back to doing the important work. You may already have the latest technology, but if you're still swamped, you're not using it to your advantage. This useful guide shows you how to leverage the technology you have to centralise your work into one integrated tool. You'll develop a simple and sustainable productivity system to organise your actions, manage your inputs and achieve your outcomes. The highly visual nature of the book helps you quickly grasp the ideas you need most.

Like most professionals, you want to do great work and achieve great things. But when half your day is spent on emails, phone calls and 'extra' duties, you rarely get a chance to shine. This book changes that. Get back in control so you can start performing like a star.

  • Get organised, focused and proactive
  • Conquer the daily incoming deluge
  • Spend more time on important work
  • Leverage your desktop and mobile technology

When work is coming at you from every direction, it's difficult to focus and prioritise. Things get lost in the shuffle. But when you channel everything into a single stream, you settle into a flow and get more accomplished in less time. Smart Work is your guide to finding your flow— and the bottom of your inbox.

About the author xi

Acknowledgements xiii

Preface xv

Introduction xvii

PART I: Centralise your actions 1

1 Consolidate your work 5

2 Schedule it forward 23

3 Focus your day 41

Key practice: Prioritising 51

PART II: Organise your inputs 55

4 Reduce the noise 57

5 Keep it simple 75

6 Process to empty 91

Key practice: Processing 103

PART III: Realise your outcomes 107

7 Identify your value 111

8 Make time to plan 117

9 Fight for importance 129

Key practice: Planning 141

Next steps 145

Index 149